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Important Updates to 365 Message Center 365MCS July 3
Microsoft 365

SharePoint, Yammer, and Microsoft Teams – Changes in Microsoft 365: July 3 Edition

Microsoft has made many changes to important functionality in Microsoft 365 that was previously announced. Keep up with change in Microsoft 365 by reading more!


Schedule pages and news posts in SharePoint (MC212265)

As discussed on the 365 Message Center Show, scheduling pages and news post in SharePoint is a great feature for content management. However on June 29th, Microsoft is rolling back this update and removing it from all tenants. This update caused issues for customers where the posts were not actually being published when scheduled. There is no timeline update for when Microsoft might release this again in the future.

SharePoint Auto Digest Email (MC215356)

In addition to the ability for users to click unsubscribe, tenant admins will be given the opportunity to opt out for the entire organization via PowerShell. The details for that PowerShell command will be provided ahead of the release on this site: Automatically sending news post digests.

Modern experience for managed metadata services, tagging and filtering (MC208986)

The deployment of the modern managed metadata service in SharePoint was affected by the slowing of all updates into Microsoft 365. Updated on June 23rd, modern admin experience was postponed to start at the end of June and complete in standard release early July. This is a delay of only a few weeks. Modern tagging and filtering has been completely deployed.



Yammer Conversations web part for SharePoint (MC209666)

Since announcing the new Yammer conversations web part for SharePoint, Microsoft has delayed the rollout for standard release to mid-July. This is due to information that they learned after deploying it to targeted release tenants. Microsoft is making modifications before moving into standard release tenants.


Microsoft 365 Changes

Enabling basic formatting on the sign-in page text component in Company Branding (MC215019)

Microsoft updated the rollout schedule for enabling basic formatting on the sign in page and it is probably already in your tenant. Originally, it was scheduled to begin rolling out in late June and finish in late July. However, on June 23rd Microsoft updated the rollout timeframe to mid-June and finishing by end of June. This is one of the few instances when Microsoft moved up a rollout after announcing a timeline.


Microsoft Teams

The Planner app in Teams will be renamed with an updated experience powered by Planner and To Do (MC211421)

This is another update that fell victim to the rapid amount of changes happening in Microsoft 365. Microsoft is delaying this change by a month. It will now start in July and be completed in August.


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