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  • 365 Message Center Show #214

    The 365 Message Center Show – #214

    A new search results page for Teams helps you find what you are looking for. The new Microsoft Feedback Portal is announced to replace UserVoice. And Yammer Official Communities designate an official voice amidst the user-created communities. Join Daniel and Darrell live this week to discuss the weeks Microsoft 365 messages.

  • Viva Learning preview moving to general availability - 365 Message Center Show #213

    Viva Learning preview moving to general availability

    If your organization has been using the preview of Viva Learning, it will be automatically converted to the full free version. Access Microsoft Learn and Microsoft 365 Trainings for free and 125 limited LinkedIn Learning courses.

  • Whiteboard/Document camera in Teams meetings - 365 Message Center Show #212

    Whiteboard/Document camera in Teams meetings

    Do you remember that feature in Teams that captures a whiteboard with a camera and shows the presenter as transparent? Do you remember that it was only available with special equipment and Teams Meeting Rooms? Well it's coming to Microsoft Teams Desktop - Point a camera at a whiteboard and use a real whiteboard in a Teams meeting!

  • New SharePoint hub to hub associations - 365 Message Center Show #211

    New SharePoint hub to hub associations

    Connect SharePoint hub sites to other hub sites for an increased search scope. Info architect's will welcome the results across connected hubs and sites. There are some limitations though!

  • Viva Connections (Public preview) is rolling out - 365 Message Center Show #210

    Viva Connections is rolling out

    Add your Viva Connections dashboard to your home site and start creating cards to help employees find relevant resources and complete essential tasks. Display a personalized list of conversations and news from across the organization.

  • OneDrive Context Menu Fix

    How to Add OneDrive to the Windows Context Menu

    Normally when the OneDrive sync client installed, you can control file behaviors via the Windows context menu. However, on the PC I logged into, those OneDrive menu items were not there when I selected a file. It was as if OneDrive wasn't installed at all. But OneDrive was installed! Check out this post, including a one-minute video showing the solution, to find out how it is fixed!

  • Lightweight Plans in Planner - 365 Message Center Show #207

    Lightweight Plans in Planner

    Create lightweight plans that don't require a Microsoft 365 Group. They are ideal for managing tasks in ad-hoc meetings with people outside of your team.