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365 Message Center Show #70 @regarding365 #RE365
Message Center Show,  Office 365

365 Message Center Show #70 – Recap

In this week's episode of the 365 Message Center Show, we discuss changes coming to how Microsoft Search handles your OneDrive for Business content, new automated emails coming to your users, Microsoft Stream giving everyone awesome features, and more!

3:48 Improving the way we show user's private OneDrive content in Microsoft Search in SharePoint – Read announcement MC152529
— Highlighting files that show via search from OneDrive for Business and keeping your OneDrive for Business content private when using Microsoft Search via the API.
The Additional information link has more details: SharePoint Online search results no longer includes private OneDrive for Business results

9:38 Retiring Microsoft Teams for Windows 10 S app in the Microsoft Store – Read announcement MC152530
— You will need to use the browser to access Microsoft Teams on a Windows 10 S device

15:03 Your users will now receive emails with product training and tips for services in their subscription Read announcement MC152628
— Microsoft sees the need to send users information about their subscription. We discuss the pros and cons, as well as the fact that Microsoft has put a hold on the implementation of this setting.

End User Communications Settings - episode #70
End User Communications Settings – episode #70

25:16 Microsoft Stream intelligence capabilities available in additional Office 365 plans – Read announcement MC152814
— [Almost] all Office 365 subscriptions are going to get the fantastic Stream capabilities that include speaker detection, transcribing (speech to text), and transcription search!

29:12 New feature: Compliance Control Information Added to Microsoft Secure Score – Read announcement MC152817
— We are compliance experts, but this new feature can help us! When looking at action items in your Secure Score, you will see what compliance items they relate to (e.g. GDPR).

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*You will need proper privileges within your 365 tenant to view the messages linked above



  • Jamye Few

    Any idea why MC152628 (product training and tips email) no longer exists in my message center. I had a customer asking about it and went to reference the announcement in my message center (same as your link) and it is gone. I remember seeing it there early November and it is not in my dismissed announcements list either. I checked several other customer’s message centers and the announcement is gone. Did they pull this back? The setting is still there in the admin portal. I have not received any of these training emails from MS and our tenant setting is “On”.

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