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Using the ULS Viewer to Troubleshoot PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer Errors

After recently standing up a SharePoint 2010 development farm, I opened PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer so I could start putting together a Business Intelligence site. I opened a new Data Source within Designer and entered my SharePoint site URL.


When I tried to get a listing of lists available, I received the following error:

[ This data source cannot be used because PerformancePoint Services is not configured correctly. Additional details have been logged for your administrator. ]

Amazingly for a Microsoft application, this error was pretty helpful in leading me to find the answer. This error message is designed to be presented to an end-user, so when it mentions the details ‘have been logged for the administrator', I knew I would be firing up ULS Viewer. I caused the error again after loading ULS Viewer and I found my answer.


I looked at the first error and it told me I hadn’t setup the PerformancePoint  Services Unattended Service Account. Once that is resolved, back to Dashboard Designer.


EventID: 6 [The PerformancePoint Services Unattended Service Account is not set. ]

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