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The POWER of Microsoft Lists and Power BI - Guy in a Cube
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The POWER of Microsoft Lists and Power BI – Guy in a Cube

My second visit with Adam at Guy in a Cube highlights the benefits of using data from a Microsoft List in Power BI. Many organizations have data in their SharePoint and Microsoft Lists. I show how you can visualize that data using Power BI – in more than one way! Microsoft Lists and Power BI: collaboration power!

In this video we talked about how you can use the Power BI integration feature in lists to visualize them. Power BI will use AI to create a report that you can then save right back to the list. Then others that access the list can use the report!

Power BI Visualize a Microsoft Lists
Power BI Visualize a Microsoft Lists

Adam pointed out that the list in my demonstration was using some fancy formatting, so I of course gave a shoutout to my friend and fellow Microsoft MVP Chris Kent.

I then showed a recently announced feature which allows you to bring a Microsoft List in as a dataset in Power BI from the list itself. Amazing!

Check out the video below and let me know your thoughts.



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