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  • 365 Message Center Show #215

    The 365 Message Center Show – #215

    Comment and @mention people on list items in #MicrosoftTeams. Switch your Teams meeting view with a new dedicated button. Create private drafts of #SharePoint pages and news. As we close in on Microsoft Ignite in early November, keep an eye on the message center for smaller updates that position and prepare for larger feature announcements.

  • Viva Connections (Public preview) is rolling out - 365 Message Center Show #210

    Viva Connections is rolling out

    Add your Viva Connections dashboard to your home site and start creating cards to help employees find relevant resources and complete essential tasks. Display a personalized list of conversations and news from across the organization.

  • Lightweight Plans in Planner - 365 Message Center Show #207

    Lightweight Plans in Planner

    Create lightweight plans that don't require a Microsoft 365 Group. They are ideal for managing tasks in ad-hoc meetings with people outside of your team.

  • Spam Notification in Call Toast - 365 Message Center Show #206

    Spam Notification in Call Toast

    Who is that? I don't recognize the number. It could be a new customer. It might be a new team member. Oh it's a spam call. That was a distracting waste of time. Get notification of a possible spam call before you answer.

  • SharePoint Collapsible Sections - 365 Message Center Show #202

    SharePoint Collapsible Sections

    Add content into collapsible sections on SharePoint pages. Viewers scroll less. Page content is tidier. But Daniel cautions that hiding content may mean missed content.

  • Teams Meeting Auto Recording - 365 Message Center Show #201

    Teams Meeting Auto Recording

    Meeting organizers, set an option to automatically start the recording for a Teams meeting when the first person from your org joins the meeting. Sounds good. Though there are a few things to look out for.

  • Edit a SharePoint page or news post in Microsoft Teams - 365 Message Center Show #198

    Edit a SharePoint page or news post in Microsoft Teams

    SharePoint pages and news posts that have been pinned as tabs, can now be edited directly with Microsoft Teams. Publishers who are active in Teams will be able to edit without needing to leave Teams. Listen all about this and other Microsoft 365 updates!

  • SharePoint admin center: New homepage insights dashboard - 365 Message Center Show #195

    SharePoint admin center: New homepage insights dashboard

    The home page for the SharePoint Admin Center now shows quick insights in a familiar card format, seen on the Microsoft 365 Admin Center home page. SharePoint admins can focus on what matters to their role and get a quick start to frequent tasks. Check out this new feature!

  • SharePoint Portal Launch Scheduler - 365 Message Center Show #194

    SharePoint Portal Launch Scheduler

    Execute a measured launch a new SharePoint portal high traffic is expected. Use a phased approach to test and monitor the performance. Get user feedback and resolve issues before making the portal widely available. This and more in this week's episode!

  • Create tasks from Teams chats and channel posts - 365 Message Center Show #191

    Create tasks from Teams chats and channel posts

    How often have you had a conversation in Teams about a new task and forgotten to action it? Did that task even make it to a task list or the plan for your team? Creating a new task from a conversation will soon be just two clicks away. This week on the 365 Message Center Show In this episode: – New Design for Yammer Discovery and Digest Emails – Teams: Create tasks from Teams chats or channel posts – Microsoft Teams: webinars plus new meeting registration options 📢 Quick mentions – short updates and reminders to prepare for major updates – Microsoft Information Governance: update to retention and label policies…