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Solutions Using the Microsoft Office System

I recently ran across a little gem on the TechNet website: “Solutions Using the Microsoft Office System: Learn how to use the Microsoft Office system to solve your business scenarios
This page includes over 40 large Visio diagrams detailing the Microsoft Office system, over 30 of which specifically reference SharePoint as a central topic.

The topics include InfoPath and Forms integration, scenarios using SharePoint (such as a Call Center, Intranet Portal, Internet News Site, etc.), Records Management, Business Intelligence, and detailed SharePoint Server topics including:

  • Application Security
  • Backup and Restore
  • Topologies
  • Baseline Site Hierarchies
  • Customization
  • Database Administration
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Extranet Topologies
  • Inter-Farm Shared Services
  • Search Administration
  • Shared Services

The information presented can give you a really good understanding of the functions of SharePoint Server. I am currently diving into the Backup and Restore diagram. I just wish I had a poster printer for them!

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