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“SharePoint drives me crazy!” – The Intrazone podcast
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“SharePoint drives me crazy!”

The Intrazone podcast #59

I have been working with Microsoft SharePoint for a long time and have encountered many moments where I thought “SharePoint drives me crazy!” I know I'm not the only one and recently I had the opportunity to join the Microsoft Intrazone podcast to share my story.

Two other guests joined the podcast with me:

Joanne Klein, SharePoint and Microsoft 365 consultant – Microsoft MVP – and founder of NexNovus Consulting

Ruven Gotz, Director, Workplace Experience Lead at Avanade.

All three of us have experienced frustration with the product or with situations where SharePoint was a key component. We also have had great success with SharePoint and enabled our clients to achieve much more too!

Listen to the SharePoint drives me crazy! – The Intrazone podcast

Chris McNulty |@cmcnulty2000 (co-host for the Intrazone podcast) suggests that maybe our frustrations with SharePoint has to do with the product and the people who use it. What do you think?

Mark Kashman |@mkashman (Intrazone podcast co-host) walked us through our experience in the distance past, as well as our current dealings with SharePoint and Microsoft 365. Have a listen to the podcast below and let me know what you think on Twitter and LinkedIn.



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