Recover Password From The IIS Metabase

I recently needed to add an account to an IIS6 Application Pool, but I did not know the password. No one else knew the password either.

However, I found out that the account was being used by an IIS6 application pool on another Windows Server 2003 machine. So I loaded the IIS 6.0 Resource Kit Tools, which includes the lovely tool “Metabase Explorer”.

After I launched the Metabase Explorer application, I navigated my way to the application pool that was using the password I needed to obtain. Select the option to “View Secure Data” and bingo! there is the password.

Download the IIS 6.0 Resource Kit HERE

One thought on “Recover Password From The IIS Metabase”

  1. This worked for me as well! I had to turn on both “View Secure Data” and “View Inherited Data” and then navigated down to ServerName > W3SVC > AppPools > App Pool Name > WAMUserPass

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