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Mitigating Risks in Cloud Adoption
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Mitigating Risks in SaaS Adoption – Webinar

On a recent webinar with Cesar Coba, SVP AvePoint, and Matthew Bookspan, CEO Blacktip, I shared my thoughts on how organizations can go about mitigating risks in cloud adoption. The webinar is available on-demand now, so make sure you check it out Mitigating Risks in SaaS Adoption: A 5-Step Blueprint for IT Leaders | AvePoint

Mitigating Risks in Cloud Adoption

There have always been risks in business when using technology. Some of those risks include misuse, inaccuracies, growing cost of maintenance, and obsolescence. With the increasing use of software as a service (SaaS) platforms in today's business environments, risks are changing and we must adapt to the new way of working.

During the webinar we focused on three areas where we believe organizations should spend time. These focus areas will be key in the pursuit of mitigating those risks when using SaaS platforms. These three areas are: increased visibility and adoption, enable security and compliance, and operational efficiency.

Increased visibility and adoption

I talked about how the business and the technology department must work together in a cooperative effort to address how technology will empower the business. If one side dictates to the other, it can result in animosity and struggle.

I also gave some recommendations on how to do effective change management. First you must keep up with change. There are many resources available, but I would highly suggest subscribing to my podcast the 365 Message Center Show. It is a weekly Video and Audio show with my cohost Darrell Webster.  We discuss Microsoft’s messages on what is being rolled out to organizations in the near future. We also address how you need to prepare for these changes.

Second you should evaluate what impact these changes will have on your company. Then you must communicate those changes inside your organization so the impact can be planned for. And finally, my suggestion is that you enable that functionality and don't turn it off automatically. Let users figure out how to use the technology in a secure and governed manner.

Enable security and compliance

We then talked about how we must be proactive in our monitoring and mitigation of risks in the organization. There's some great info in this webinar section and so make sure to watch for all of the details.

Operational efficiency

We discussed how every organization needs to be looking at extending its reach by enabling champions to engage with their work groups and coworkers. Again, check out the full webinar for all the details on this and more because this section was rich with ideas!

You can watch the webinar now on demand easily by going to the AvePoint website Mitigating Risks in SaaS Adoption: A 5-Step Blueprint for IT Leaders | AvePoint

While you are there, check out the free ebook Maximizing Your SaaS Potential | AvePoint

Maximizing Your SaaS Potential - Maximizing Your SaaS Potential
Maximizing Your SaaS Potential:
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