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Minnesota Microsoft 365 User Group

Minnesota M365 User Group Admin Workshop Day

This November 19th, I hope you will join me at the Microsoft 365 Admin Workshop Day presented by the Minnesota Microsoft 365 user group. The day will be filled with topics that are targeted toward all decision makers and implementers within organizations. I will be delivering the morning keynote as well as a session with fellow Microsoft MVP Shafina Hassam [LinkedIn Profile].

Microsoft 365 Workshop Day

I will be kicking off the day giving the keynote focused on how you can keep up with change in the Microsoft cloud. Everyone using Microsoft's cloud deals with change. The keynote will highlight the successful patterns I have seen organizations implement to deal with and also embrace the change.

Right after the morning keynote, Shafina and I will be presenting a session on Microsoft Lists. Our focus for this session is how you can enable your teams to collaborate on your data within lists. The session will be filled with demos and interaction, so please join us!


Registration is required for this event, but it is free. Due to the nature of the event, seats are limited so make sure you register now!

Check out the event website for the schedule and registration.

Click here to download the calendar invite to save the spot on your work calendar!



Keynote slides: Keeping up with change in the Microsoft Cloud – MN365 Admin Workshop Fall 2021

Microsoft Lists session slides: Enable your team with Microsoft Lists – MN21 – Daniel Glenn and Shafina Hassam

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