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Microsoft Fabric
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Microsoft Fabric and Copilot

At Microsoft's Build 2023 conference, Microsoft Fabric was announced as the new integrated and simplified experience for all analytics, along with Copilot in Microsoft Fabric. Microsoft says Fabric is a next-generation service that can transform your data into intelligence and innovation. It brings together Data Factory, Power BI, and the next generation of Synapse to a modern analytics solution. This software as a service (SaaS) offering will be price-effective and easy-to-manage, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft Fabric
Microsoft Fabric

Copilot in Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Copilot is making its way into all aspects of the Microsoft Cloud and Fabric is no exception. You will be able to use natural language and chat experiences to:

  • generate code and queries,
  • create AI plugins using a low/no-code experience,
  • tailor semantics and components within the plugin,
  • and then deploy it Microsoft Teams, Power BI and web.

I am excited to see how Microsoft Fabric and Copilot are going to make it easier to tell data stories. I hope that organizations will be able to gain AI-driven insights easily, and without much cost.

Check out my short video below to see how you can enable in in Power BI for your organization!

Watch Enable Microsoft Fabric in Power BI
Watch Enable Microsoft Fabric in Power BI

Microsoft Fabric at Build

Make sure you attend the session Analytics in the Age of AI at Build – you can attend virtually, in-person, or watch the recording afterward! This session will feature Amir Netz (Microsoft), Arun Ulagaratchagan (Microsoft), Patrick Baumgartner (Microsoft), and Justyna Lucznik (Microsoft).

You can learn more about this update and get more information here: Microsoft Fabric Information

Copilot in Microsoft Fabric
Copilot in Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Digital Event | May 24-25

Also, make sure to attend the Microsoft Digital Event happening May 24th – 25th. This event will be hosted on YouTube, via the Power BI, Synapse, and Guy in a Cube channels. It will have in-depth information and interviews with product team members. Here you will learn details on all the data announcements from Build and be able to ask questions! Details and links will go live on the page linked below!

Microsoft Digital Event | May 24-25 | Microsoft Power BI Blog | Microsoft Power BI

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