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Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon

Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon

Join me at the Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon May 27 & 28

I am happy to announce that I will be speaking at the new worldwide online conference Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon. As the event site states, the event “is a free online, 36 hour event happening May 27-28 2020. We will have sessions going the whole time with speakers from around the globe. This event is free for all wanting to attend. Come join us as we talk about the many different pieces of Microsoft 365 including Azure.”

My session is scheduled for 4:00pm Central US time (UTC – 5) and will be focused on how you can utilize your data in the Microsoft 365 cloud, even if it is on-prem in your data center. You don't have to make your transition to the cloud a data move as well. Continue to use your on-premises assets but gain the power of the Microsoft 365 technology!

The event is free so make sure you register to attend live! Check out the schedule!

Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon

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