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Learn Microsoft Teams and more in Chicago – July 26th

It is time to get back to learning in-person and wow this opportunity is amazing! Teams Fest and SharePoint Fest in Chicago will be filled with in-person learning opportunities and following health standards for safe attendance.

Click Here to use code GLENN to save $$$ when registering for any of the tickets!


Fest has proven to be one of the premier events and this time around will be no exception. The week will be filled with workshops and sessions that will help you up your game in Microsoft Teams, the Power Platform, and more! I will be presenting sessions on:

  • Power BI sharing
  • How to use your on-prem data with the Power Platform
  • Modernizing your Internet
  • How to migrate shares to Microsoft 365.

-> See the complete agenda, including other sessions by clicking here. Make sure you use discount code:  Glenn when registering to save the big bucks!


Teams and SharePoint Fest Workshops

I will also be giving two workshops during the week! My first workshop will cover how you can use bots and apps to accelerate user adoption in Microsoft Teams. User adoption is more than just rolling out a tool and expecting your users to figure out how to use it. It is also more than just the initial training on how to use that tool.

We must enable our users to also get the most out of the tool integrating it with the way they do their job. This workshop will cover how you can use personalized bots and apps within Microsoft Teams as a part of your Microsoft 365 adoption journey.

My second workshop will be how you can transform your Internet in less than 4 hours. There are many organizations who are still using the classic experience for their intranet. While it has served them well in the past, the classic SharePoint experience is no longer getting investment focus from Microsoft. To gain access to the new functionality and future improvements, you must look to modernize your intranet. In this workshop, we will walk-through modernizing your intranet together!

Learn Microsoft Teams, Power Platform, SharePoint, Azure, and more!

There is much to learn and experience at Teams and SP Fest in July. Use code GLENN to save $$$ when registering for any of the tickets!


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