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New Year - New Direction

Goodbye and Hello

I am excited to announce that I am taking on an exciting new opportunity! I am staying in the field I love, and I will be even more active in the tech community that I love!

Goodbye InfoWorks

After 11 years, I am leaving InfoWorks, Inc. As the Collaboration Practice Lead, I have had the opportunity to work with a good team and deliver solutions for amazing clients. The team at InfoWorks has been a joy – committed to quality delivery of product, taking care of our clients, and making sure our employees felt like family. The work has been challenging at times, but through it all we made sure to keep those three goals at the center of all we did.

I also have had the pleasure of working with wonderful clients that trusted us to craft meaningful solutions. Making our clients happy so they will tell their neighbors has been the goal and I can attest it happened many times! I will miss my clients and I hope to connect with you personally or professionally sometime down the road.

Hello Creospark

Today I am joining the successful team at Creospark. Creospark is known as an organization that delivers amazing solutions with integrity. Creospark has expertise in Change Management, Microsoft Power Platform, Security & Compliance in Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft 365 collaboration and intranets. As the Senior Director of U.S. Operations and the Hybrid Office, I will be focused on supporting our customers and partners, as well as focusing on my team's success in business and their careers.

My team's focus will include Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and more! We have IT pros, developers, change managers, project managers, and more – all ready to make all of our clients successful.

I welcome the chance to join a dynamic team of technologists with a passion for helping others, as well as offer my mentorship to the growing organization. I am not leaving the goals I had at InfoWorks behind – I will carry on my focus on treating our employees as family, delivering high-quality products & services, and keeping our customers and partners best interests at the core of what we do.

Want to Join Me?

I am already looking for others to join my team! Project managers, Microsoft 365 technical experts, business analysts, Microsoft 365 developers, and more! Contact me on LinkedIn or directly on our website: Creospark Careers

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