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Everyone Has a Story to Tell

This post is co-written with Jim Bob Howard and you can see more of his content at www.connectorman.com

Wait. Before you read on, watch this…

Obvious to You; Amazing to Others

You have solved issues in a way that no one else has, maybe in a way that no one else could have. And chances are, there's someone trying to solve an issue that your experience can help.

What are the top 10 tips you've learned from others that you can pass along to someone new?

When it comes to SharePoint, we work with a malleable tool that can serve businesses in many ways. No single person knows all the ways. It doesn't matter how long other people have worked with SharePoint, they still don't know everything, nor have experience with everything.

What projects have you tackled in SharePoint? Did you succeed? What did you learn?
How did you break SharePoint? Why do you hate SharePoint?

Sometimes the best teaching topic is what not to do. Thomas Edison is attributed with saying that he didn't succeed in succeed in finding one way to make a light bulb, until he succeeded in finding nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine ways not to make a light bulb.

Do you have a client or co-worker who could co-present with you about how you solved their issues?

When you finally overcome an issue that takes a lot of trial and error, it's tempting to Just. Be. Done. And move on. But learning from your mistakes is just as important as learning from your successes.

Do you have a success story for how SharePoint is being used in your organization?

Maybe what you're working one has already been accomplished. Maybe someone in your audience has done something similar to what you're trying to do.

Do you have a project that you're wondering if it can be done?
What are the things you WISH you could do in SharePoint?

Not everyone gets the shiny new toys as soon as they hit the market. Some of us drive old cars, have shoes older than our children, and still use a flip phone, because… well, they WORK!

Are you still on 2010 with no plans to move because it does #AllTheThings you need? 2007? 2003?

SharePoint Saturday is For Sharing

If you've read this far and you feel like make you do have something to offer your fellow SharePoint sufferers, please submit a topic for SharePoint Saturday Nashville. You're among friends. You're among cohorts. You may just make someone's day!

How to Submit

You don't have to have your talk completely planned out and written to submit to speak. You just need a paragraph about what you want to talk about. We call that an abstract.

Your abstract should consist of your subject and three or more sentences that would appeal to your desired audience. Look at other abstracts listed on SPSEvents.org for ideas on how to communicate what you want to present. Click on any city and then “Sessions” to read what others have written. Or follow this formula: What (are you going to talk about), How (are you going to show your topic), Why (is this important to you).

Write a Bio

Make it funny, or interesting, or promotional, but not boring. 150 words should suffice. Tell us about your non-SharePoint life, your family, and/or your hobbies.

How to Prepare to Speak

Practice – at home, lunch and learn at work, at your local user group. No one feels 100% prepared before they speak each time. That's OK, the people who come to your session want you to do well. They're for you; that's why they chose your session.

Still not sure of your topic?

Here's the list of topic for the last three SharePoint Saturdays in March. If the title strikes you as something you could do, go to the session page for that event and read the abstract for ideas on the topic. It's absolutely OK for you to present in Nashville what someone else presented elsewhere!

A combination of SharePoint and CRM to ensure atomic transactions (Travel Agency example)
A Deep Dive into Power Apps – apps for the enterprise by the enterprise.
Always Be Releasing – Continuous Deployment With Visual Studio Team Services and Azure
An IT Pro and a developer walk into a bar – SharePoint Search happy hour
Azure Mobile App with a SharePoint backend
Become a ALM in Microsoft Office 365 App Development Ninja. Enter into the ALM for Office 365 Dojo!
CRM online & Office 365 from a business and IT perspective
Dynamics CRM – What is it, what is happening now and in the future?
Enabling Directory Synchronization and ADFS for Office 365
The New Hybrid Reality: Have the Microsoft Cloud and On Premises your way
Make your SharePoint 2013/2016 fly by tuning & optimizing SQL Server”: what every SharePoint consultant should know (lessons learned)
Making SharePoint Governance work for Businesses, IT and Users
Microsoft BI demystified : should we go for SharePoint 2016 BI or for PowerBI v2?
Monitor SharePoint usage and performance using Application Insights
OneDrive 101, what it is, what it should be for and not for.
Prepare for SharePoint 2016 – IT Pro best practices for managing your SharePoint farms
SharePoint 2016 The future is Hybrid, what you need to know about it
SharePoint and Dynamics CRM: A match made in heaven?
Sponsor (Metalogix) session: 3 Considerations When Moving to SharePoint Online
Sponsor (Nintex) session: Extending your workflows to the cloud and beyond
Sponsor (AvePoint) session: Hybrid SharePoint – What you need to know for your business security
Sponsor (Pointwork A/S) session: SharePoint Development Retrospective
The challenges of implementing document management in Office 365
-> From <http://www.spsevents.org/city/Copenhagen/Copenhagen2016/sessions>

A hacker's dream: A recent study shows two-thirds of SharePoint users have no security policy !!
A new intranet for Goldcorp: Balancing corporate and local needs to create a connected, personalized employee experience.
Activating Governance for End Users in Office 365 and SharePoint 2013
Building an effective SharePoint team. What skills do you need?
Building on the Microsoft Graph: 0 – App in 60 minutes
Get started with building native mobile apps interacting with SharePoint
How To Decide: When To Use What In Office 365
Introduction to AngularJS in an Office 365 context
Lessons Learned from Designing Award Winning Portals
Moving the Cheese: Migrations to Office 365 and Upgrades On-Prem
Navigating the Evolving Social Capabilities in SharePoint and Office 365
Playing Outside Your Sandbox. Interacting with other systems using SharePoint BCS
Power BI V2: What you need to know!
Practical Strategies for SharePoint and Responsive Web Design
Secure SharePoint access with Azure Multi-Factor Authentication
SharePoint & The Road Ahead: SharePoint 2016 & Office 365
SharePoint 2013 Production Farm Best Practices
The importance of metadata in your company
The Power of search in SharePoint 2013
The Shopping Cart Story: A Vehicle for Six SharePoint Tricks
Thinking LEGO: Mastering the Art of SharePoint DMS Implementation
Troubleshooting On-Premises SharePoint
-> From <http://www.spsevents.org/city/Vancouver/2016/sessions>

Architect Search in SharePoint 2013/2016 to match your organization’s needs.
Catch the No Code Wave!
Content Management Using the Power of Search
Developing your own Query Magic in SharePoint Search
Effective Information Governance in SharePoint and Office 365 Environments
Establishing a Collaboration Roadmap
From Intranet to Digital Workplace: Creating Unique Employee Engagement & Collaboration Experiences with Office 365
Fun with SPA in SharePoint
Getting Started with Office 365 development
Integrating Azure Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics with SharePoint
Intro to Visual Web Parts
Introduction to Developing Solutions with Visual Studio and the Office 365 REST APIs
Migrating to SharePoint 2016 or Office 365 ! Why? What? How?
Nintex: Bring Out Your Inner Dev
No Governance as Usual
Office 365: Attack of the Clones!
PowerApps 101
Setting up SharePoint 2016 Environment on MS Azure Infrastructure Services
SharePoint 2016 Jump Start
SharePoint Designer Workflows: Nuts, Bolts & Examples
SharePoint Development With JavaScript
Spice up Your Forms and Views: Deep Dive into Client Side Rendering
Success as an Office 365 SharePoint Online Administrator
Tailor. Engage. Empower – Redesign the way work gets done – with SharePoint 2016 and Office 365
Taking User Profiles to New Heights!
Tales and Best Practices of Intranet Development on SharePoint and Office 365 Platforms
The Essentials of SharePoint Disaster Recovery Planning
The Road to Awesome SharePoint Adoption in Your Organization
The Value of Tribal Knowledge and Strategies to Increase Adoption
Tips in migrating to SharePoint On-Premise or O365, to avoid a migration headache.
To the cloud! Running SharePoint on Azure IaaS
-> From <http://www.spsevents.org/city/ChicagoSuburbs/March2016/sessions>

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