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Episode Posts on New #365MCS Podcast Website

The 365 Message Center Show #365MCS podcast has a new website home page! The new URL for the home page of the podcast is 365MCS.com. For those that watch or listen to the show regularly, you will still find the video episodes on YouTube 365 Message Center Show – YouTube and the audio podcasts wherever you get your podcasts. The new home page however will always show the latest audio and video version of the show for your ease of use, as well as a place for you to send others to find the show!

This means that the episode recap posts will no longer be hosted here on this website – you will find those on the new site's ‘episodes' page: Episodes – 365 Message Center Show #365MCS. No matter how you connect with the show, we enjoy having you a part of what we are doing and hope you will share the show with others!


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