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End of Internet Explorer 11 Support in Microsoft 365
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End of Internet Explorer 11 Support in Microsoft 365

Microsoft has announced today that the end of Internet Explorer 11 support in Microsoft 365 will happen soon. Your organization needs to prepare now for this change.

End of Internet Explorer 11 Support and sunset of Microsoft Edge Legacy

As announced August 17th, 2020, the end of support within Microsoft 365 apps will be happening over the course of the next year. However, the first service to stop supporting Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) is Microsoft Teams on November 30th, 2020. If your users are utilizing Teams using IE 11, they need to either switch to Microsoft Edge, another supported browser, or use Teams using the Windows application.

Starting August 17th, 2021, all of Microsoft 365 applications will stop supporting IE 11. That includes SharePoint, OneDrive, and email via Outlook on the web.

Workaround for utilizing IE 11 with Legacy Applications

Your organization may have web applications that require the use of IE 11. If so, there is the new “IE mode” in Microsoft Edge. This will allow you to continue to work with the application using a current browser. The websites will need to be setup via policy within your organization to utilize IE mode, so work with your administrators to have your legacy web applications configured.


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