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Cannot Connect to the Meeting: Live Meeting

Today I experienced some issues with Office Communicator 2007 R2 and Live Meeting 2007. First, Communicator was complaining about not being able to update the address book. Then, when I tried to start a meeting using Live Meeting (via the Meet Now function), I received the following error:

When I looked to find some hints to the “Live Meeting cannot connect to the meeting.” message online, all the posts were pointing to issues with trying to connect to an external meeting. I was trying to connect to my internal Office Communications Server.

I next tried to do a nslookup on the FQDN for the server and I received a reply message that it was a non-existing domain! Well, there's your problem!

I took a look in DNS and the SIP entries for the service were all in tact, but the A record for the server in the Forward Lookup Zone was missing! I do not know why/how it was removed, but I quickly added it back and now all is well with OCS.

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