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365 Message Center Show #78 @regarding365 #RE365
Message Center Show,  Office 365

365 Message Center Show #78 – Recap

In this week's episode of the 365 Message Center Show, we discuss MyAnalytics coming to Outlook, Microsoft Stream mobile app, Microsoft Flow coming to OneDrive, Planner notifications for Microsoft Teams, and more!

4:07 Productivity insights in Outlook powered by MyAnalytics – Read announcement MC172039
— Helps you focus on what is important. But it’s only useful if you take the time to look at it. So get strategic. Set time aside at the beginning of the week to plan and use these insights in your decision making.

  • The service is now available for All Business, E1, E3 and Microsoft 365 E3 licenses.
  • Service will be on by default by automatically assigning licenses to users. To disable, will need to remove the license. This can be done to a list of bulk users using PowerShell.
    • All insights only available to the end user
    • If licenses haven’t purposely been removed, MyAnalytics add-in will appear in Outlook. Prepare your end users for this add-in arriving. Either show them what to do with it, and where to get self-help, or show them how to hide it.
    • How do you display Outlook and all it’s tools? Is the folder navigation pane hidden? Do you have the message preview pane turned on or do you just display a list of messages, received dates, subjects and senders? Is the Ribbon menu collapsed?
    • Outlook can get quite crowded with all the tools, panes and add-ins. For MyAnalytics to be frequently useful, the pane needs to be open.

16:55 Retiring the Skype for Business Call Analytics (preview) experience – Read announcement MC172090
— The functionality that was contained in the call analytics experience is being moved into the Microsoft Teams and Skype for business admin center.

17:44 The Microsoft Stream mobile app is now available for Android and iOS Read announcement MC172143
— We talked about this coming before – bringing the Microsoft Stream mobile app is a great step in making Stream your organization's video content organizer and consumption service.

17:59 New Feature: Out of box Flow templates in OneDrive Read announcement MC172147
— Flow templates can be created and run directly from the OneDrive for Business library. Much like modern SharePoint document libraries.

  • The Flow button will appear in OneDrive. Those who are using Flow will know what to look for and use it. Those who don’t will carry on as before.

25:49 Role-based access to alerts in Office 365 Security – Read announcement MC172220
— There are quite a few roles that can fulfill the needs of compliance admins, records managers, retention management.  Users can be assigned roles that allow them to see different categories of alerts. For example: Compliance admins had access that let them see alerts that were irrelevant to their role.

28:38 A new mass delete notification is coming to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business – Read announcement MC172231
— In the past, you received no warning when you accidentally deleted a folder with numerous files. The content could be recovered for a period of time, but only if you knew about it. Once the recovery time elapses, it’s difficult to say if you will ever get it back. The new mass delete notification will prompt users to confirm if it was intentional.  This alert can occur when OneNote files are tidied up. OneNote is essentially a collection of files and folders. Deletion of sections in a notebook will trigger a security alert. Also when you move files in SharePoint from one site to another using the ‘move to' functionality, you could also trigger this notification.

  • There isn’t really a need to tell your end-users that they are going to get a warning if they accidentally delete a lot of files. But it might be a good time to remind them to slow down and read messages that pop-up when they are working in Office 365.

33:34 Planner Notifications for Teams – Read announcement MC172285
— When a task is assigned to you in a Team Planner, you will receive a message in Teams Chat and in the Team channel. The message is powered by a new Planner bot. This is the bot’s only job.

  • In addition to an email reminder, you’ll receive a reminder within Teams. You should let your end-users know about the new messages they will receive.

*You will need proper privileges within your 365 tenant to view the messages linked above

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