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365 Message Center Show #71 @regarding365 #RE365
Message Center Show,  Office 365

365 Message Center Show #71 – Recap

In this week's episode of the 365 Message Center Show, we discuss the all new org-wide team in Microsoft Teams, how you can author custom sensitive types via the UI, creating sites associated with a hub site directly from the hub, and more!

3:41 Create an org-wide team (for up to 1,000 users) in Microsoft Teams – Read announcement MC152529
— You are now able to create org-wide teams – if your organization has 1,000 users or less. Check out the REgarding 365 team's debate on using org-wide teams here: Org-wide Microsoft Teams Opinions: #RE365 Debate 04

9:12 New authoring experience for custom sensitive types – Read announcement MC152952
— You can now create sensitive types via the UI, in addition to using PowerShell. However, you will have fewer options using the UI, but it is much easier for those that don't know PowerShell.

12:39 Create an associated site from within a SharePoint Online hub site – Read announcement MC153062
— Until now, the process for creating a hub site with associated sites, you had to create the sites first, and then associate the sites to the hub. Now you will be able to create sites from a hub site and they will be associated with the hub.

17:15 Updating presence in Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business – Read announcement MC152817
— Simplifying the process of presence in a coexistence world – if you are in TeamsOnly mode, Teams will drive your presence. Otherwise, Skype for Business will decide your presence. Check out the additional information link to get more detail.

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