Good info on "Ghosting"

Discussion on how opening/editing a WSS or SPS2003 site in FrontPage
2003 un-ghosts the site (places the site’s definition into the SQL
database instead of keeping the reference to the one on the server).
This can be very bad for performance!


Usage Analysis Tools in SharePoint Products and Technologies

Good TechNet article on how SharePoint uses access logs (it is
actually a chapter from the Microsoft SharePoint Products and
Technologies Resource Kit which you can find here:

Why information is kept about users deleted from site collections

You can tell if the users have been deleted from the site collection
by looking at the UserInfo table of the content database. If the value
of the tp_Deleted column is 0, then the user is active in the site
collection. Otherwise, they have been removed.

SharePoint keeps this information around because it needs it to link
to the items placed on the sites. If it removed the users completely,
the items would become orphaned.

Creating New Documents from library menu

The article is a little hard to understand, but it has some pretty
good information about creating additional buttons in libraries so you
can say “New Excel file” or “New Word file” no matter the default
document library’s new file type:

In pursuit of the least amount of SQL privileges

There are some who want to find the least amount of privileges for
SharePoint to have in SQL. So, to help out, here is what I have so

The account the SharePoint Application Pool is using needs to have
read/write privileges on the content database. It also needs to have
execute privileges on stored procedures.