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  • OneDrive Context Menu Fix

    How to Add OneDrive to the Windows Context Menu

    Normally when the OneDrive sync client installed, you can control file behaviors via the Windows context menu. However, on the PC I logged into, those OneDrive menu items were not there when I selected a file. It was as if OneDrive wasn't installed at all. But OneDrive was installed! Check out this post, including a one-minute video showing the solution, to find out how it is fixed!

  • Form customization in SharePoint lists and libraries #115 – 365 Message Center Show

    *Stay tuned to the end for a special interview with Drew Madelung concerning Yammer changes to data retention* Customize the order and visibility of fields in the forms in SharePoint lists and libraries. Filling out relevant metadata becomes more focused and less overwhelming for end-users. Also this week: – End of support for Windows 7 and changes for support of Office on Windows 7 – Upcoming Changes to Yammer Data Retention Options – Changes to the address that is used to send notification email messages from SharePoint Online – Microsoft Teams PSTN Minute Pools report – Outlook on the web – changes in Tasks – Automated Incident Response update (Public Preview) – Changing…