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  • Retirement of Viva Topics

    Goodbye Viva Topics

    Microsoft announced that Viva Topics will be retired and disabled in February 2025. So, what is the plan for knowledge management after this announcement of the retirement of Viva Topics? Read more for my thoughts on benefits and gaps of the move.

  • Microsoft 365 Conference

    Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference

    Formerly known as the SharePoint Conference, the Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference #M365Conf is back. The conference will happen May 2nd - 4th 2023 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Developing Inclusive Communications Through Microsoft Teams

    Developing Inclusive Communications Through Microsoft Teams

    With hundreds of millions of users utilizing Microsoft Teams, it is so important that organizations know how to foster a collaborative and open culture through Microsoft 365. It was on this premise that I recently joined fellow Microsoft MVP Alistar Pugin on a free webinar to explain optimization options for success. Check out the free recording!

  • Sign Language View in Teams meetings - 365 Message Center Show #260

    Sign Language View in Teams meetings

    Sign language interpreter video will be prioritized in Teams meetings, making them more visible and using higher quality video. PowerPoint Live in Teams will allow users to magnify slides in their personal experience of a meeting. Microsoft Viva admin becomes more organized but hasn't yet got its own admin center. More on this week's episode...

  • Microsoft Teams Premium and other goodies - 365 Message Center Show #258

    Microsoft Teams Premium and other goodies

    Daniel and Darrell take a look at the Message Center after all the Microsoft 365 announcements at Ignite. Microsoft Teams Premium was announced and is set to shift some existing features into the new Premium plan. Microsoft Office is becoming Microsoft 365, the mobile app AND the collection of Online apps will be accessed from microsoft365.com.

  • Video messages in Teams Chat - 365 Message Center Show #253

    Video messages in Microsoft Teams Chat

    Soon you will be able to leave video messages for teammates in Teams Chat. Record a video up to a minute long to send more than a voicemail. It's a vidmail. We also cover updates for Microsoft Lists, Power Apps, Microsoft Whiteboard, and several other Microsoft Teams updates!