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  • Collaborate in Teams meetings with Excel Live - 365 Message Center Show #255

    Collaborate in Teams meetings with Excel Live

    Live Office applications in Microsoft Teams meetings are the next level for shared experiences and collaboration. Excel Live keeps everyone on the same sheet as you meet and discuss your data. Daniel and Darrell talk about what Excel Live brings to the meeting stage in this episode.

  • Multiple home sites for Viva Connections - 365 Message Center Show #242

    Multiple home sites for Viva Connections

    Large organizations with divisions and segmentation will soon be able to use Viva Connections with multiple home sites. This will include multiple dashboards and resource tabs to make management and segmentation easier.

  • Microsoft Loop components in Outlook Mail - 365 Message Center Show #237

    Microsoft Loop components in Outlook Mail

    Live Loop collaboration is about to expand into Outlook Mail. The portable canvas for work will be able to be embedded and shared in email to reach even more people for contribution. What benefits does this add over and above Loops in Teams chat? Be sure that Daniel and Darrell have some opinions on the subject.

  • Dude. Where's my Power Apps - 365 Message Center Show #234

    Dude. Where’s my Power Apps?

    You will want to prepare your people for a Power Apps tidy up. Our headline message discusses how Power Apps, Dynamics 365 apps, and Azure AD integrated apps may be removed from the app launcher AND SEARCH, to help app exploration and discovery.

  • OneDrive: Navigate your Teams files - 365 Message Center Show #231

    OneDrive: Navigate your Teams files

    OneDrive is your Files Explorer in the M365 Cloud. Now you can find your Teams files together with SharePoint libraries in a new category called "Your Teams". Coming to a browser near you.

  • Viva Connections Generally Available - 365 Message Center Show #219

    Viva Connections Generally Available

    Viva Connections is now available! Embed a company feed that is personalized to your interests. Add the dashboard to show cards that make apps and information available at a glance. Daniel and Darrell take look at some of the out of the box dashboard cards and try them on for size. And more!

  • Viva Connections (Public preview) is rolling out - 365 Message Center Show #210

    Viva Connections is rolling out

    Add your Viva Connections dashboard to your home site and start creating cards to help employees find relevant resources and complete essential tasks. Display a personalized list of conversations and news from across the organization.

  • Teams Meeting Recordings Auto-Expiration - 365 Message Center Show #205

    Teams Meeting Recordings Auto-Expiration

    Teams meeting recordings will automatically expire and be deleted from OneDrive and SharePoint after 60 days. Find out what you need to know to manage meeting recordings if your org wants to keep them for longer.