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  • GoPro - Solar Eclipse 2017

    Solar Eclipse 2017

    I am lucky enough to live in an area that was in the “path of totality” for the solar eclipse that took place August 21st, 2017. Being the largest city in the 100% coverage path, Nashville was expected to receive visitors from all over the world for the event and I had a front-row seat from my home! The hour leading up to the event was plagued by clouds. Stupid clouds. 🌥 #solareclipse2017 #eclipse2017 pic.twitter.com/fDD6Z0MYgv — Daniel Glenn (@DanielGlenn) August 21, 2017 Thankfully, the clouds parted before the total eclipse happened so I could see it clearly and take some pictures! This is a time-lapse video using my iPhone capturing…