SharePoint 2010 Site Experience With SharePoint 2016

While testing an upgrade today, I was reminded of a requirement when upgrading to SharePoint 2016 using the database attach method – you must upgrade all site collections to the SharePoint 2013 experience before you attempt to attach the database to a SharePoint 2016 farm.

My test today is using a SharePoint 2010 content database and attempting an upgrade to SharePoint 2016. I first performed a database attach upgrade with a SharePoint 2013 farm, then performed the Test-SPContentDatabase PowerShell command on the database from my SharePoint 2016 farm.

SharePoint 2010 experience with 2016 Upgrade
SharePoint 2010 experience with 2016 Upgrade

It is important to notice that the LegacySiteDetected error shown above is an UpgradeBlocking error, meaning the upgrade will fail if you proceed. Following the direction listed in the Remedy section will fix the issue, but it does require working in the SharePoint 2013 farm to upgrade the site’s experience to 2013. More information on how to perform that operation can be found here: Expand Upgrade a site collection to SharePoint 2013 [TechNet]

SharePoint 2010 Workflows on a SharePoint 2016 Farm

[This is a quick post – it will be updated with more information soon]

During a recent client meeting, I was asked if SharePoint 2010 version workflows, developed on a SharePoint Server 2013 farm, will continue to work if the server farm is upgraded to 2016. SharePoint Server 2016 has not been released at the time of this writing, but we do have the Release Candidate to test with, so I went about testing.

On a SharePoint Server 2013 farm (version ​15.0.4719.1002, which is SP1 with May 2015 CU) I created a SharePoint 2010 version workflow and associated it with a document library. I took a SQL backup of the content database and restored it as a database named Site_SP13_to_SP16RC.

On the SharePoint Server 2016 Release Candidate (RC) machine, I ran the Test-SPContentDatabase PowerShell cmdlet to check the database for any issues that might be encountered during the upgrade.

Test-SPContentDatabase 2016 RC on SharePoint 2013 Database
Test-SPContentDatabase 2016 RC on SharePoint 2013 Database
The cmdlet ended without even a peep – which is a good sign. So, I performed the upgrade and it ran without error.

Mount-SPContentDatabase 2016 RC on SharePoint 2013 Database
Mount-SPContentDatabase 2016 RC on SharePoint 2013 Database
I loaded the newly upgraded site and was greeted by an old friend…

Working On It
Working On It
…and he (Working on it) stayed a while. It took several minutes for my simple team site to become available.

The website loaded and it was ‘wonderful’ ha! (see site name).

SharePoint 2013 Site Upgraded to 2016 RC
SharePoint 2013 Site Upgraded to 2016 RC
The workflow I created on the SharePoint 2013 farm is configured to kickoff when the document is modified or a new document is added. So, I simply changed the title of the Test document that was already in the library. The workflow successfully started and did assign a task as it should. However, I noticed something on the workflows screen for the document – within the Completed Workflows section, the history of the workflow when it ran on the 2013 farm was listed. This isn’t a huge surprise, but it is really nice to see that the history is there after upgrading!

Workflow History SharePoint 2016 RC
Workflow History SharePoint 2016 RC
In summary, a SharePoint 2010 workflow (a very simple one in this case) created on a SharePoint Server 2013 site, will continue to work when upgraded to a SharePoint 2016 RC farm via database attach.

Building Business Intelligence Dashboards with SharePoint Data – December 1st 2015

I will be co-presenting at the Nashville Business Intelligence User Group meeting this month. We will be walking attendees through creating dashboards using Power BI and I will be focusing on using SharePoint data.

I will show how to use Excel to create dashboards within SharePoint web part pages – first with an export of a SharePoint list and then an import of a SharePoint list into Excel. We will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each method.

I will then show linking to the same SharePoint list data using the Power BI Desktop application and then publishing it to Power BI.

The meeting went really well – Tammy Clark started off showing how easily Power BI could connect to Facebook data.

I went second and used a SharePoint list I created with Helpdesk data to create dashboards using Excel and SharePoint web part pages. I then moved onto Power BI and ended with showing the cool iOS Power BI app (although it took some time to get it to project from my phone onto the screen).

Power BI iOS App
Helpdesk sample data within Power BI iOS app

Dan Evans then made a couple of announcements about Cortana and Power BI integration. Kerry Tyler finished off the night rocking our Power BI world with a demo that had us saying “wow!” 🙂

Nash BI December 2015 Meeting
Business Intelligence User Group Meeting Attendees

We finished the night at a new restaurant around the corner called Tupelo – fried green tomatoes, pork egg rolls (they were fantastic!!), and chicken and biscuits were enjoyed by all!

Tupelo Honey Cafe
SQLFamily Night at Tupelo Honey Cafe

SharePoint Users Group – December 8th 2015

This coming December 8th I will be presenting to the Nashville SharePoint Users Group ( with the topic “Building SharePoint Solutions with Out of the Box Features and No Code”.

I will highlight the features within SharePoint that I use often to create beneficial solutions for companies around the country. With heavy emphasis on not using any code, I will demo solutions built using a SharePoint Online site.

Last night’s meeting was a lot of fun – we have a great turnout and I know I had a good time hanging out with my Nashville SharePoint friends.

We started off by talking about the Microsoft office move – the offices are moving to closer to downtown Nashville and will disrupt our meetings some next year. However, we already have plans for at least half of the time we will be without a meeting home, so stay tuned!

I then talked about the next technology event in Nashville – SQL Saturday Nashville 2016, which is on January 16th, 2016. It will be a great learning experience and I will be giving a spotlight session (learn more in my blog post about the event).

The group was interactive and we had a great conversation around no-code solutions.

We ended the night with a lot of great giveaways. Thank you to everyone who attended my session!

Nashville SUG Dec 2015
Nashville SUG Dec 2015 Attendees

SQL User Group – November 20th 2015

Thank you to everyone who attended the meeting. I hope you enjoyed your time and learned something!
The slides can be found here: Nashville SQL Server User Group 11/20/2015
Congrats to Nick for winning the swag!


I am honored to be asked to speak at the November 20th Nashville SQL Server User Group. The meeting starts at 12 noon and I will be presenting “Tuning SQL Server for SharePoint”.
I will covering the best practices for SQL Server when it is used for SharePoint as well as doing a live SharePoint Server 2016 Technical Preview install.

More information can be found on the SQL Server User Group website (, including the registration link! I will have the recap and slide deck attached to this post after the meeting.