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  • MFA. On for everyone - 365 Message Center Show #257

    MFA. On for everyone?

    Daniel gives us the heads up that MFA will be switched on for everyone. Everyone? Not in Darrell's tenant. So, is it just the US? Is it coming to other parts of the world, and why is there only 12 days' notice to prepare people?

  • SharePoint, Teams, Outlook, M365... All the things - Our 200th episode - 365 Message Center Show #200

    SharePoint, Teams, Outlook, M365… All the things – Our 200th episode

    Daniel and Darrell celebrate 200 episodes of the 365MCS by sharing a few video messages from followers and supporters of the show and then...     ...getting on with the mission, making you aware of this week's messages. Hey, that's what they do and there's always something changing in #Microsoft365.   

  • Dynamic View for Microsoft Teams - 365 Message Center Show #185

    Dynamic View for Microsoft Teams

    Injecting some variety into your Teams meetings, Dynamic View will use your stage and gallery to display people and content in a more engaging way. It appears to be the new default view for meetings, but you can still show Together Mode, pin and spotlight people, and more options to come. This week on the 365 Message Center Show In this episode: – Microsoft Teams: Dynamic View – “All” List Update on Office.com – Announcing Conglomerate branding for global admins – New personal wellbeing insights coming to Insights app in Teams 📢 Quick mentions – short updates and reminders to prepare for major updates – Microsoft Forms: update in sharing…

  • 365 Message Center Show #365MCS

    Microsoft Teams Call Merge – #155

    This week on the 365 Message Center Show On a group call and see another call coming in from someone else on the same project? Answer their call. You might find they can join your current call. Now, you'll be able to merge the calls effortlessly. No need to ask them to hang up so you can add them to the group call. – Outlook – new resource booking capabilities – WELCOME TO DYNAMICS 365 CUSTOMER VOICE – Microsoft Teams Call Merge – Update on Copy and Restore operations – Retirement of notifications functionality in all Office 365 web apps except Outlook – Office 365 ATP: External email forwarding controls…

  • 365 Message Center Show #365MCS

    Create all meetings online by default for Outlook mobile & Web #146

    This week on the 365 Message Center Show This has only been talked about since the acquisition of Skype. It looks like the world is finally ready for it. Make every meeting a Microsoft Teams meeting, by automatically adding Teams details to invites created in Outlook mobile and Outlook on the Web. Also on the show: – Migration Manager moves out of public preview – Outlook for iOS retires support for 27 languages – Third-party SSO for apps in Teams – Contextual search (Ctrl+F) coming to Teams – Upload Center is being replaced by in-app Files Needing Attention – Self service purchase user request workflow – Removing OneDrive admin center…

  • 365 Message Center Show #365MCS

    Invite a group or distribution list to a Microsoft Teams  meeting #145 –  365 Message Center Show

    This week on the 365 Message Center Show When scheduling a meeting using the Teams app, you'll be able to invite Office 365 groups and distribution lists. Also on the show: – Cyber Security awareness kit for end user training – New update channel for tenants to receive updates to Microsoft 365 services – AutoClaim Policy for products containing Microsoft Teams – Cortana briefing email – Invite a group or distribution list to a Teams meeting – Teams support in the SharePoint Migration Tool – SharePoint: New hyperlink and date and time editors, improved editing for list and document libraries – Office.com home page layout and navigation change – Microsoft…

  • 365 Message Center Show #365MCS

    Teams tab that references page or list on any SharePoint site #134 – 365 Message Center Show

    This week on the 365 Message Center Show The new SharePoint app for Microsoft Teams will let you link to any page or list on any SharePoint site in your tenant. Up until now, we've been limited to referencing SharePoint pages on the Team's SharePoint site. Now you can add news, support pages, communications sites, lists and more, from any site in the tenant. Though it will still respect permissions, so ensure it's a resource your team can get to first. – Publishing commands added to Pages library – Basic Authentication Retirement – Advanced Threat Protection campaign views generally available – New Default Background Image for Microsoft 365 and Azure…

  • 365 Message Center Show #365MCS

    New Office app available on iPhone and Android #133 – 365 Message Center Show

    This week on the 365 Message Center Show The new Microsoft Office app for mobiles is now available across iPhone and Android. It combines Word, Excel and PowerPoint with other quick capture tools to start that document, record that idea or pick up from where you left off, while you're on the move. – Power Apps can read context from Microsoft Teams – Sharing settings in the modern SharePoint admin center – Insider Risk Management in Microsoft 365 compliance center – Communication compliance in Microsoft 365 compliance center – Updated Feature: SharePoint Site Swap Join Daniel Glenn and Darrell as a Service Webster as they cover the latest messages in…

  • Golden Gate Bridge

    Security Depends on You in Office 365 with Liam Cleary

    Microsoft's Office 365 has built-in features that provide physical, logical, and data security for organizations large and small. While in San Francisco, I sat down with Liam Cleary [Blog – Twitter], Microsoft MVP and popular technology speaker to discuss implications of the impending GDPR legislation, as well as Office 365 security overall. 02:06 GDPR changes now affect any organization that works with any European organization 02:28 Office 365 requirements 02:59 Missing answers 03:01 When it comes to content, Microsoft [has] all the tools that you need 03:33 If haven't implemented those tools…. 04:38 GDPR dashboard 04:49 PNP dashboard – LINK 06:04 Security Compliance Center 07:31 The onus is still on…

  • SharePoint Install – Cannot connect to database master

    This morning I encountered an error I hadn't seen in a while, so I thought I would share the resolution with everyone (and keep a record for myself the next time it happens). When configuring SharePoint using PowerShell after the initial install, you may encounter the error shown below. [New-SPConfigurationDatabase: Cannot connect to database master at SQL server at ServerName. The database might not exist, or the current user does not have permission to connect to it.] The error is misleading, as it implies that either there is no Master database on the SQL server or the current user doesn’t have the correct permissions. I did check the user’s permissions in SQL:…