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  • Find SharePoint URL given Site ID

    Find SharePoint URL with Site ID

    Many moons ago, I was asked by Microsoft to provide the site ID for a SharePoint site from my tenant. I had noted the site ID, but I did not make note of the URL of the site. So that left me with the question 'How do I find the SharePoint URL when I have the Site ID?' Read more to learn two ways to find it!

  • OneDrive Storage Quota Metrics Office 365

    How to Increase Your OneDrive Storage Limit

    As your user's storage needs grow, they may find themselves needing more than the default storage allotment. Via the OneDrive Admin Center, Microsoft provides a way to increase the storage quota for your Office 365 tenant. However this change does not apply to existing users in your Office 365 tenant. So you may be asking: how do I increase my storage limit on OneDrive in Office 365? Read on! How do I check my OneDrive quota? In the video below, I show how a user can check their storage quota, as well as how you can check your Office 365 tenant quota. What is the capacity of OneDrive? Office 365's…