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  • Microsoft Fabric

    Microsoft Fabric and Copilot

    At Microsoft's Build 2023 conference, Microsoft Fabric was announced as the new integrated and simplified experience for all analytics, along with Copilot in Microsoft Fabric. Microsoft says Fabric is a next-generation service that can transform your data into intelligence and innovation. Click to read more!

  • The POWER of Microsoft Lists and Power BI - Guy in a Cube

    The POWER of Microsoft Lists and Power BI – Guy in a Cube

    My second visit with Adam at Guy in a Cube highlights the benefits of using data from a Microsoft List in Power BI. Many organizations have data in their SharePoint and Microsoft Lists. I show how you can visualize that data using Power BI - in more than one way!

  • The MAGIC of Microsoft Teams and Power BI - with Guy in a Cube

    The MAGIC of Microsoft Teams + Power BI – Guy in a Cube

    I recently had the pleasure of working with Guy in a Cube on a video highlighting the benefits of using Power BI in Microsoft Teams. It was fun to break-in - I mean be invited into Patrick's cube - to record this video with Adam. :)  With almost 24,000 views in just a few days, it has proven a popular topic! Be on the lookout for another video we recorded around Microsoft Lists!

  • Public Preview of Power BI and Microsoft Graph Integration - 365 Message Center Show #262

    Public Preview of Power BI and Microsoft Graph Integration

    See recommended Power BI content. Receive signals such as "Megan edited your Power BI report". Isaac created a new report in your team workspace. Power BI with more power to reach you where you are working, across Microsoft 365. More covered in this episode including SharePoint Tenant Rename, deleting personal chats in Microsoft Teams, & more!

  • Changes: Arrived and Delivered in April '22 - 365 Message Center Show #238

    Changes: Arrived and Delivered in April 2022

    It's a call-back episode where we look back to find changes that have been delivered in April. We demo and discuss some of the more exciting features that arrived and discuss the messages that announced them. - Questions & Answers in Yammer - Upvoting Answers - Presenter modes move and resize options - Forms: Split sending and sharing entry point - Announcing account switching for Microsoft 365 web apps - Upgrading v1 Power BI workspaces - Microsoft Viva Insights: Enroll in Focus plan from the Insights app in Teams

  • Viva Learning preview moving to general availability - 365 Message Center Show #213

    Viva Learning preview moving to general availability

    If your organization has been using the preview of Viva Learning, it will be automatically converted to the full free version. Access Microsoft Learn and Microsoft 365 Trainings for free and 125 limited LinkedIn Learning courses.

  • SharePoint News Boost - 365 Message Center Show #203

    SharePoint News Boost

    Boost your important organizational news in the news feeds across SharePoint. Live stream from Microsoft Teams meetings to YouTube, Facebook and other public platforms. Start co-authoring a list, an agenda, a table of information - directly in Microsoft Teams chat. Lot's to discuss today. Let's dive right in.

  • Teams Meeting Auto Recording - 365 Message Center Show #201

    Teams Meeting Auto Recording

    Meeting organizers, set an option to automatically start the recording for a Teams meeting when the first person from your org joins the meeting. Sounds good. Though there are a few things to look out for.

  • 365 Message Center Show #365MCS

    Results from Power BI coming to Microsoft Search –  with special guest Elvira Makhmutova #159

    This week on the 365 Message Center Show *Stay tuned to the end for a special interview with Elvira Makhmutova (LinkedIn), Program Manager at Microsoft, concerning the New Privacy Controls with the Microsoft Graph.* Resource mentioned during interview: Customizing item insights privacy in Microsoft Graph (preview) Use keyword searches in Microsoft Search – Bing, SharePoint, and Office.com and see Power BI results. See reports, dashboards, and workspaces for Power BI in the results. – Results from PowerBI coming to Microsoft Search in SharePoint and Office.com – Simplified way to manage your Teams notification settings – OneDrive Sync: Improved warning for locked Office files – New Microsoft Teams meeting pre-join experience…