365 Message Center Show #63 – Recap

In this week’s episode of the 365 Message Center Show, there were several Outlook messages (new experience previews in the client and on the web, removal of the Groups footnote in emails, suggested replies, & block meeting invites from being forwarded), Insights in Excel (watch this space!!), preparedness for Hurricane Florence, and more!

1:40 Modern library content types and document templates in SharePoint Online – Read announcement MC147664 
— Darrell talked about this more in the last episode – this update makes it easier for content creators to add template options to document libraries in SharePoint

3:35 Outlook for Windows user experience updates and Coming Soon preview pane – Read announcement MC147699
— This is a coming soon alert for the….Coming Soon preview pane. The preview will allow your users to see the upcoming changes to the Outlook client.

6:06 Opt-in toggle to try the early version of the new Outlook on the web Read announcement MC147700
— Similar to the update before, this update will allow you to preview the new look in Outlook on the web.

6:48 New feature: Insight Services in Excel – Read announcement MC147874
— This feature will bring a similar feature to a very popular Power BI feature, Quick Insights, to Excel. Make sure you check out the “additional information” on the message, as there are some best practice guidelines.

10:41 Email notifications and other Message Center preferences for customized admin roles – Read announcement MC147927
— Your various administrator roles will now receive email notifications from the Message Center.

11:44 Removal of footnote in group emails you are following in your inbox – Read announcement MC148091
— We like this update, as it was too easy for a user to unsubscribe to a Group’s emails and not remember to change their behavior so that they start checking the Group’s inbox for messages.

13:47 Microsoft 365 Preparedness for Hurricane Florence – Read announcement MC148281
— It is nice to see Microsoft be proactive in letting everyone know they are prepared when there are issues that impact your data.

16:08 Suggested replies in Outlook on the web – Read announcement MC148154
— This feature will bring the ability for you to quickly respond to short question emails. You can already see this type of functionality in other services, like LinkedIn’s private messaging system.

18:19 Data export in Microsoft Bookings – Read announcement MC148369
— As highlighted by Erica and Phil in the chatroom, this feature will allow you to export your data and import into other systems, including those not in Office 365.

21:48 Monthly feature updates for Office 365 (Office) – Read announcement MC148375
— We talked about our favorite feature in the Office monthly update. Check out the post to see them all.

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365 Message Center Show #61 – Recap

In this week’s episode of the 365 Message Center Show, we covered Shared with Me coming to mobile apps, prevent forwarding of meeting invites, apply existing site designs when adding sites to a hub, and more!

03:24 Updated feature: Shared with Me in OneDrive for Business mobile apps – Read announcement MC146805 
— Microsoft is bringing the Shared with Me functionality they have been rolling out on the web, to the mobile apps.

4:55 New feature: You can now prevent forwarding of meeting invites in Outlook – Read announcement MC146814
— Meeting organizers will be able to block forwarding of meeting invites. If you are using an older Outlook client or a non-Outlook client, you will be able to attempt to forward, but you will receive an error email letting you know the message was not delivered.

8:00 Updated feature: Apply existing site designs to associated hub sites in SharePoint  Read announcement MC146822
— When you join a site to a SharePoint hub site, you will be able to apply a site design, which will allow you to frame the site specifically for your hub.

14:24 New feature: Privileged access management in Office 365 – Read announcement MC146905
— This update also includes new PowerShell commands to allow you to see, approve, or deny requests.

17:55 New feature: SharePoint Online view formatting- Read announcement MC146947
— Expanding on the JSON column formatting we have been using in SharePoint Online, list formatting brings us the power to format the whole row not just a column.

24:41 New feature: Add a SharePoint Online page, news or list as a tab in Microsoft Teams – Read announcement MC146974
— This update will bring more of the SharePoint experience into Teams when adding content from SharePoint as a tab.

26:51 Updated features: SharePoint Online News and modern pages – Read announcement MC147032
— When adding a link to a news story or page, SharePoint will automatically bring in the rich content from that page like the featured image. Also in this update, we will see who is editing a modern SharePoint page so we know who to contact. Our own edits will timeout in 5 minutes if we aren’t making changes anymore.

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365 Message Center Show #58 – Recap

In this week’s episode of the 365 Message Center Show, we cover Live Events in Microsoft 365, changes to the Office 365 Group creation process, Microsoft Teams administration, and more!

02:45 New feature: Live events in Microsoft 365 – Read announcement MC145792 
— New wave of communications that leverages Microsoft Teams, Stream, and Yammer. The next generation of town hall meetings and broadcasts 🙂 Darrell shows a demo of setting up a new live event!

17:19 Making some changes to the Office 365 group creation process – Read announcement MC145892
— When creating Office 365 Groups you won’t be able to select if members will receive Group email in their inbox, if external people will be able to email your Group , and you can’t customize the welcome email members receive.

22:01 Updated feature: OneDrive for Business admin center setting is now honored by Outlook Desktop Read announcement MC145909
— Now your sharing settings are honored across your OneDrive and Outlook experience

23:56 Streamlining settings in the Teams and Skype for Business admin center – Read announcement MC145946
— You can’t turn off Microsoft Teams tenant-wide – you will have to manage access to Teams per user

31:00 A new TLS certificate is coming to Exchange Online – Read announcement MC146001
— Make sure your on-prem Exchange servers can access: http://ocsp.globalsign.com, http://crl.globalsign.com, http://secure.globalsign.com

Some upcoming shows:
Microsoft Whiteboard discussion and demo with Ian Mikutel and March Rogers
 – See it on YouTube

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365 Message Center Show #55 – Recap

In this week’s episode of the 365 Message Center Show, we cover conditional access for Office.com, LinkedIn data being shown inside Outlook for Windows and iOS, enhanced view of files you have shared in OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online modern page approvals, and automatically logging people out of SharePoint and OneDrive for Business sessions.

03:40 Office.com Conditional Access Policy behavior – Read announcement MC143889 
— Clarification and fixing how office.com access works when using an access policy in Office 365.

08:03 Organization Allowed Accounts Intune Policy now in OneDrive on Android – Read announcement MC144063 **Will need Intune in your tenant
— Locking down who can use OneDrive in your organization coming to Andoid (iOS later).

10:44 Adding LinkedIn data to the people card in Outlook for iOS and Windows Read announcement MC144140 
— Microsoft is bringing in some information from LinkedIn to further enhance the people cards in Outlook. Can be helpful when on your way to a meeting!

15:19 See the file card from Shared by Me and show a weekly trend for daily views and viewers on a file Read announcement MC144168 
— Coming soon we will have statistics on user views of content we have shared in the OneDrive shared by me view. Are those you are collaborating with actually….collaborating? Well here is one way to check and see!

19:54 SharePoint Online organizational news: page approval Read announcement MC144239 
— Being able to link a special Microsoft Flow approval to the pages library on a modern ‘Communications’ site so you can allow users to create pages and news!

23:09 Idle Session Signout is now available for SharePoint and OneDrive for Business Read announcement MC144247 
— Log out sessions when users are connecting to your Office 365 tenant from a machine that isn’t joined to your domain or an approved device.

24:38 Microsoft Whiteboard is now generally available for Windows – Read more on the TechCommunity site
— Announcing the general availability of the Microsoft Whiteboard app for Windows 10 – Darrell showed off using it some and talked about how it can be used.

26:25 Introducing a free version of Microsoft Teams – Read more on the TechCommunity site
— Organizations with 300 users or less can now sign-up for a free version of Microsoft Teams. This is what some are calling a Slack competitor but with more storage and capabilities.

29:39 Microsoft Stream powers live events and brings intelligent video to Microsoft 365 – Read more on the TechCommunity site
— Live event functionality will soon be powered by Microsoft Stream and delivered through Microsoft Teams and Yammer. Some great AI-powered functionality is promised, such as speaker timelines, speech-to-text, and closed captions

*You will need proper privileges within your 365 tenant to view the messages linked above


365 Message Center Show #53 – Recap

In this week’s episode of the 365 Message Center Show, we discuss major changes in SharePoint, Teams, and Office. Check out the time stamped links below.

03:30 Monthly feature updates for Office 2016 for Office 365 – Read announcement MC142651 
— Our monthly update for Office – some exciting stuff, including being able to title your slides with a pen in PowerPoint.

08:26 Office 365 Threat Intelligence Threat Trackers Read announcement MC143221 
— New capabilities for analyzing trends and patterns in your organization.

13:02 Office 365 System Requirements for Client Connectivity Read announcement MC143230 
— Older versions of Office (including Office 2016) will not be able to connect to Office 365 – SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, etc. – after October 2020.

20:00 Update for Machine Translation Services from SharePoint Online Read announcement MC143381 
— Manual translation services in SharePoint Online via MTS will be disabled September 2018.

23:37 Replacing Site Content and Structure in SharePoint Online – Read announcement MC143382
— Site Content and Structure page/functionality will be removed September 2018, and Microsoft wants you to start using File Move and Copy to carry out file management moves. This is a major issue if you are using this functionality to move sites and other non-document structure.

27:34 Message translation in Microsoft Teams Read announcement MC143426
— Users will be able to manually translate Microsoft Teams messages inline, but it is being rolled out turned off by default.

30:27 Update on Visio Web Access from SharePoint Online Read announcement MC143503
— The removal of Visio Web Access from SharePoint Online has been delayed due to popular demand (Microsoft listens!). The new deadline for you to move to Visio Online functionality is September 2019.

34:07 Microsoft Teams launches eDiscovery for Calling and Meetings
— New eDiscovery ability in Office 365 for Teams as of July 2nd, 2018.

*You will need proper privileges within your 365 tenant to view the messages linked above


365 Message Center Show #52 – Recap

In this week’s episode of the 365 Message Center Show, we discuss the impact of changes made to sharing and email branding options in OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online, controlling your email domain and sender rewriting scheme, auditing Exchange mailbox actions, the changes to the amount of storage in SharePoint Online, and Outlook add-in deployment.

03:06 Changes to external sharing in OneDrive for Business and SharePoint OnlineRead announcement MC142082
06:19 Branding of sharing emails for OneDrive for Business and SharePoint OnlineRead announcement MC142154
10:27 Sender rewriting scheme for auto-forwarded and relayed emails in ExchangeRead announcement MC142243
13:44 New Exchange mailbox actions to audit – Read announcement MC142244
15:10 SharePoint Online storage allocation – Read announcement MC142447
20:26 Centralized deployment for Outlook add-ins – Read announcement MC142521
24:46 Microsoft Teams new Wiki treatment with meeting notes – Also see Darrell’s deep-dive video
29:22 New Office home experience

*You will need proper privileges within your 365 tenant to view the messages linked above