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  • Changes: Arrived and Delivered in April '22 - 365 Message Center Show #238

    Changes: Arrived and Delivered in April 2022

    It's a call-back episode where we look back to find changes that have been delivered in April. We demo and discuss some of the more exciting features that arrived and discuss the messages that announced them. - Questions & Answers in Yammer - Upvoting Answers - Presenter modes move and resize options - Forms: Split sending and sharing entry point - Announcing account switching for Microsoft 365 web apps - Upgrading v1 Power BI workspaces - Microsoft Viva Insights: Enroll in Focus plan from the Insights app in Teams

  • Microsoft Loop components in Outlook Mail - 365 Message Center Show #237

    Microsoft Loop components in Outlook Mail

    Live Loop collaboration is about to expand into Outlook Mail. The portable canvas for work will be able to be embedded and shared in email to reach even more people for contribution. What benefits does this add over and above Loops in Teams chat? Be sure that Daniel and Darrell have some opinions on the subject.

  • Resize and move content in Presenter mode - 365 Message Center Show #235

    Resize and move content in Presenter mode

    Have you used Presenter mode in Microsoft Teams? Presenters can arrange their shared content and video feed in engaging new ways. But the video and content was in fixed positions for each scene. Now you will have the option to resize and move your video feed and content.

  • Dude. Where's my Power Apps - 365 Message Center Show #234

    Dude. Where’s my Power Apps?

    You will want to prepare your people for a Power Apps tidy up. Our headline message discusses how Power Apps, Dynamics 365 apps, and Azure AD integrated apps may be removed from the app launcher AND SEARCH, to help app exploration and discovery.

  • OneDrive: Navigate your Teams files - 365 Message Center Show #231

    OneDrive: Navigate your Teams files

    OneDrive is your Files Explorer in the M365 Cloud. Now you can find your Teams files together with SharePoint libraries in a new category called "Your Teams". Coming to a browser near you.

  • Filters on Microsoft Search, Org explorer in Outlook - 365 Message Center Show #227

    Filters on Microsoft Search, Org explorer in Outlook

    Search is so important in an organization. When content and conversations are dispersed through different tools, good search saves time. Organizations can now create filters for Microsoft Search to focus results on important types of information and documents.

  • Connected Teams and SharePoint templates, Edit Stream captions - 365 Message Center Show #225

    Connected Teams and SharePoint templates, Edit Stream captions

    Welcome back and to our first episode of 2022. Daniel and Darrell are ready to start a new year, helping you plan for change, preventing or fix issues and staying informed of updates. Microsoft Teams and connected SharePoint sites will soon be deployed using a combined template. Design team templates for recurring collaboration purposes and have both the team and the site deployed to suit the shape and size of your teamwork. Also, Stream videos in SharePoint and OneDrive will have their captions and transcriptions become editable. Fix up the mistakes and communicate the captions correctly with important video content.

  • Viva Connections Generally Available - 365 Message Center Show #219

    Viva Connections Generally Available

    Viva Connections is now available! Embed a company feed that is personalized to your interests. Add the dashboard to show cards that make apps and information available at a glance. Daniel and Darrell take look at some of the out of the box dashboard cards and try them on for size. And more!

  • Q&A in Teams, Office.com update, Manager Insights from Viva - 365 Message Center Show #218

    Q&A in Teams, Office.com update, Manager Insights from Viva

    It's always interesting to see what lands in the Message Center during and after Microsoft Ignite. Sometimes we see products and features announced that appear in the Message Center shortly after the announcement. Like the Office.com updates this week. Changes to the landing page and new ways to search your recent content using the 'My Content' view. Other announcements tease you availability in 'Quarter-something next year'. Let's step back from the MSIgnite excitement for a moment and take a look at changes landing nowish and soonish.

  • 365 Message Center Show #215

    The 365 Message Center Show – #215

    Comment and @mention people on list items in #MicrosoftTeams. Switch your Teams meeting view with a new dedicated button. Create private drafts of #SharePoint pages and news. As we close in on Microsoft Ignite in early November, keep an eye on the message center for smaller updates that position and prepare for larger feature announcements.