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  • Microsoft Teams Pro The new old service plan - 182

    Teams Pro: The new old service plan

    This week on the 365 Message Center Show The news initially caused a kerfuffle as the community made assumptions about a poorly written MC message announcing a new Microsoft Teams service plan. Were organization's going to need to buy different license for a pro version of Microsoft Teams? In this episode: Microsoft Teams: Share to Teams from Outlook Adding taxonomy columns for modern SharePoint library views 1:1 Call recording policy introduction Announcing a new service plan, Teams Pro Align the experience for creating a team from different Teams interfaces Outlook – Reactions and new notification experience 📢 Quick mentions – short updates and reminders to prepare for major updates New…

  • 365 Message Center Show #181

    Microsoft Viva: Our first impressions

    This week on the 365 Message Center Show After last week's announcement of Microsoft Viva, some of us were enthusiastic. Some of us were underwhelmed. Most of us had more questions. In this show, Daniel and Darrell discuss some of their first reactions after seeing the Microsoft Viva launch event, amidst the messages from this week. In this episode: – Get a Meet now meeting link in Teams – Reminder: Insights app in Microsoft Teams will be available starting February 2021 – NEW DETAILS: Microsoft Edge Legacy support to end on March 9, 2021 – Introducing a registration page for Microsoft Teams meetings 📢 Quick mentions – short updates and…