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  • Lightweight Plans in Planner - 365 Message Center Show #207

    Lightweight Plans in Planner

    Create lightweight plans that don't require a Microsoft 365 Group. They are ideal for managing tasks in ad-hoc meetings with people outside of your team.

  • New Video only Meeting stage experience - 365 Message Center Show #184

    New Video only Meeting stage experience

    How often do you join a Teams meeting with your video turned off? Sometimes there's a good reason to do so. A recent change means that the meeting stage will only show attendees with their video turned on. Even when you are an active speaker, you will only appear on the bar below the stage. How will this affect meetings going forward? This week on the 365 Message Center Show In this episode: – Add up to 25 task labels and colors in Planner and Tasks in Teams – New Video only Meeting stage experience – Microsoft Forms – Increased form limits 📢 Quick mentions – short updates and reminders…