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  • Multilingual News and Pages in SharePoint with Sébastien Levert

    Multilingual Publishing in SharePoint

    Multilingual News and Pages in SharePoint In episode 135 of the 365 Message Center Show, I interviewed an expert to discuss multilingual news and pages in SharePoint. If you haven't taken a listen, please go listen to the interview with Sébastien Levert – featured at the end of the episode. I have added an episode player at the bottom of this post for your convenience. Who Needs Multilingual? You need to identify which sites actually need multilingual capabilities. Sébastien suggested that collaboration sites don't necessarily need this capability and you should focus on your Internet communication sites. It doesn't mean you can't have multilingual capabilities on your collaboration sites, but…

  • 365 Message Center Show #365MCS

    Enhanced scheduling experience in Teams #128 – 365 Message Center Show

    This week on the 365 Message Center Show *Stay tuned to the end for a special interview with Susan Hanley, SharePoint consultant & Microsoft MVP, concerning default SharePoint sharing links that can now default to people with existing access* You can find Sue on Twitter, her blog, and on Computer World. Meetings are a core experience in Microsoft Teams. In the early days of the release of Teams, scheduling a meeting was a simple but limited experience. Today, the meeting scheduling form in Teams is just about at parity with the Outlook on the web scheduling form. This release gives more options for the meeting organizer. Search from the location…

  • SharePoint Fest Seattle Discount Code

    SharePoint Fest Seattle 2019

    For the latest 365EduCon information (formerly SharePoint Fest), go to this page: 365EduCon Information and Discount Code I hope you can join me at SharePoint Fest Seattle this August 19-23! I will be giving a workshop with Drew Madelung and four sessions – one of which will be with Vlad Catrinescu. Use the SharePoint Fest discount code Glenn100 to save $$ Tuesday First on Tuesday, I will be presenting a workshop in the afternoon with Drew Madelung entitled “Building an enterprise sharing strategy for collaboration success”. We will be covering how you can setup your organization for securely sharing, without sacrificing functionality. Attending this workshop will be a highlight of…