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    Security Depends on You in Office 365 with Liam Cleary

    Microsoft's Office 365 has built-in features that provide physical, logical, and data security for organizations large and small. While in San Francisco, I sat down with Liam Cleary [Blog – Twitter], Microsoft MVP and popular technology speaker to discuss implications of the impending GDPR legislation, as well as Office 365 security overall. 02:06 GDPR changes now affect any organization that works with any European organization 02:28 Office 365 requirements 02:59 Missing answers 03:01 When it comes to content, Microsoft [has] all the tools that you need 03:33 If haven't implemented those tools…. 04:38 GDPR dashboard 04:49 PNP dashboard – LINK 06:04 Security Compliance Center 07:31 The onus is still on…