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  • Teams calendar pop-out - 365 Message Center Show #256

    Teams calendar pop-out

    Pop-out's are the latest trend in multi-tasking productivity for Teams. Now you can schedule a meeting in Teams, pop out the scheduling window, and read other Teams content to help you create the invite.

  • 365 Message Center #59 @regarding365 #RE365

    365 Message Center Show #59 – Recap

    In this week's episode of the 365 Message Center Show, we covered editing Office 365 Group email addresses, deleting your stored data in FindTime, new theme option for SharePoint, and more! 04:44 New feature: Edit the email address of an Office 365 Group – Read announcement MC146221  — Previously we weren't able to change the email address of an Office 365 Group. This caused several problems – one of which being that you cannot remove a custom domain that one of your Office 365 Groups was using. 7:28 Users now have the ability to delete their FindTime data – Read announcement MC146273 — In keeping with all the changes allowing you to control your…