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  • New home experience for Viva Connections desktop - 365 Message Center Show #259

    New home experience for Viva Connections desktop

    If your organization is using Viva Connections in Teams a new home experience will be arriving soon. The new landing page will show dashboard cards, news and communities feed, resources menu and frequent sites. If your org subscribes to other Viva apps, you can navigate to them from this new home experience. The question is, what happens to your existing home site? Find out on this episode.

  • Microsoft Teams Premium and other goodies - 365 Message Center Show #258

    Microsoft Teams Premium and other goodies

    Daniel and Darrell take a look at the Message Center after all the Microsoft 365 announcements at Ignite. Microsoft Teams Premium was announced and is set to shift some existing features into the new Premium plan. Microsoft Office is becoming Microsoft 365, the mobile app AND the collection of Online apps will be accessed from microsoft365.com.

  • MFA. On for everyone - 365 Message Center Show #257

    MFA. On for everyone?

    Daniel gives us the heads up that MFA will be switched on for everyone. Everyone? Not in Darrell's tenant. So, is it just the US? Is it coming to other parts of the world, and why is there only 12 days' notice to prepare people?

  • ARMA International's INFOCON 2022

    ARMA International InfoCon 2022

    ARMA International's InfoCon 2022 conference is coming to Nashville, October 16th -19th, 2022. I will be at the Microsoft sponsor booth answering your questions! I will be there with Microsoft experts that will be showing off all of the awesome Microsoft cloud technologies - Microsoft Purview Records Management, eDiscovery, SharePoint Syntex, and more! If you're in attendance, please visit the Microsoft booth and say hi!

  • Teams calendar pop-out - 365 Message Center Show #256

    Teams calendar pop-out

    Pop-out's are the latest trend in multi-tasking productivity for Teams. Now you can schedule a meeting in Teams, pop out the scheduling window, and read other Teams content to help you create the invite.

  • Collaborate in Teams meetings with Excel Live - 365 Message Center Show #255

    Collaborate in Teams meetings with Excel Live

    Live Office applications in Microsoft Teams meetings are the next level for shared experiences and collaboration. Excel Live keeps everyone on the same sheet as you meet and discuss your data. Daniel and Darrell talk about what Excel Live brings to the meeting stage in this episode.

  • Survey Teams meeting effectiveness with Viva Insights - 365 Message Center Show #254

    Survey Teams meeting effectiveness with Viva Insights

    Start a plan with your team to improve your meetings and survey the occasional meeting to determine their effectiveness. There's more to this new capability than you would think. Hear Daniel and Darrell deep dive into this update and more this week.

  • Video messages in Teams Chat - 365 Message Center Show #253

    Video messages in Microsoft Teams Chat

    Soon you will be able to leave video messages for teammates in Teams Chat. Record a video up to a minute long to send more than a voicemail. It's a vidmail. We also cover updates for Microsoft Lists, Power Apps, Microsoft Whiteboard, and several other Microsoft Teams updates!

  • Introducing Adoption Score - 365 Message Center Show #252

    Introducing Adoption Score

    Productivity Score has become Adoption Score in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. Measuring adoption of M365 services, this name change is more fitting for the Admin Center feature. Does it offer anything new and more than a name change? Watch the episode to find out.

  • Basic Authentication Deprecation in Exchange Online - 365 Message Center Show #251

    Basic Authentication Deprecation in Exchange Online

    Oct 1 is fast approaching. Microsoft's Greg Taylor joins us to emphasize the importance of making changes to prepare for deprecation of Basic Auth in Exchange Online. We also cover how Microsoft is going to automatic delete Microsoft Dataverse for Teams environments, new and updated web parts in SharePoint, and more!