• Copying/Moving Site Definitions

    I thought it would be helpful to have the locations of the files thatmakeup a site definition on a SharePoint server.Why post this: several times, I have had to copy/move sitedefinitions, that I did not develop, to other servers.Things to note: –> c:\…\ means c:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\webserver extensions\60\TEMPLATE–> Each language pack uses a different folder name (i.e. 1033 = English) Site definitions can use style sheets located here:c:\…\LAYOUTS\1033\STYLES The style sheets can use images located here:c:\…\LAYOUTS\1033\IMAGES The site definition folder is located here:c:\…\1033 The site definition XML file is located here:c:\…\1033\XML There may be some images used by the site definition here:c:\…\IMAGES

  • what a good sharepoint subject matter expert ought to know…

    I found these questions on Tim Heuer’s Weblog ———————————————————————————-What SharePoint consultants Ought to Know Everyone who can spell SharePoint * what is SharePoint? * what is the difference between SharePoint Portal Server andWindows SharePoint Services? * what is a document library? * what is a meeting workspace? * what is a document workspace? * what is a web part? Mid-level SharePoint Consultant * what is the difference between a document library and a form library? * what is a web part zone? * how is security managed in SharePoint? * how are web parts developed? * what is a site definition? * what is a template? * how do you…

  • Good info on "Ghosting"

    Discussion on how opening/editing a WSS or SPS2003 site in FrontPage2003 un-ghosts the site (places the site’s definition into the SQLdatabase instead of keeping the reference to the one on the server).This can be very bad for performance! SharePointUdiscussion

  • Usage Analysis Tools in SharePoint Products and Technologies

    Good TechNet article on how SharePoint uses access logs (it isactually a chapter from the Microsoft SharePoint Products andTechnologies Resource Kit which you can find here:http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/sppt/reskit/default.mspx): http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/sppt/reskit/c2961881x.mspx

  • Why information is kept about users deleted from site collections

    You can tell if the users have been deleted from the site collectionby looking at the UserInfo table of the content database. If the valueof the tp_Deleted column is 0, then the user is active in the sitecollection. Otherwise, they have been removed. SharePoint keeps this information around because it needs it to linkto the items placed on the sites. If it removed the users completely,the items would become orphaned.

  • Creating New Documents from library menu

    The article is a little hard to understand, but it has some prettygood information about creating additional buttons in libraries so youcan say “New Excel file” or “New Word file” no matter the defaultdocument library’s new file type: http://msd2d.com/newsletter_tip.aspx?section=sharepoint&id=cd3fd32d-b989-4bff-aae7-a65846b795b6