Differences between Windows SharePoint Services and Portal Server 2003 ( WSS vs. SPS )

The question comes up pretty often: "Which product is right for me?"
Honestly, there are many factors that come into play to answer that question:
The white paper does an okay job at describing the differences and I think everyone should take a look at it before deciding which SharePoint product to deploy.

My take on the Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Resource Kit

I think it is always good to remember the Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Resource Kit has chapters online that are free to access. But, most people don’t know how this book can help them. So, here is the chapters listing along with some of my thoughts on the chapter. Remember, my advice is to read the whole book BEFORE you deploy SharePoint into production! You will thank me later!
Chapter 5 – SharePoint Portal Server Architecture
This is a good chapter to read up on how SharePoint Portal 2003 and WSS are different

Chapter 6 – Security Architecture for SharePoint Products and Technologies
This is a good chapter to read to get a grasp on the authentication in SharePoint and how users are implemented.

Chapter 7 – Architecting SharePoint Products and Technologies for Operating System Topologies
This chapter will help in understanding how SharePoint lives in your domain.

Chapter 8 – Planning Your Information Structure Using Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003
You will need this chapter to help you get SharePoint to be the Center of your organization’s information.

Chapter 12 – Deploying Medium and Large Server Farms
You want a step-by-step deploying guide? Well, here is the chapter for you! It describes deployment using multiple servers.

Chapter 17 – Configuring SharePoint Portal Server 2003
This chapter will help you get your Portal server running lean and mean.

Chapter 18 – Managing SharePoint Portal Server 2003
You will need this chapter after you have installed and you realize that managing Portal can be a full-time job if it isn’t done correctly!

Chapter 22 – Managing External Content in Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003
This chapter is all about getting external content from websites outside the Portal available to your users through you new portal.

Chapter 23 – Personalization Services in SharePoint Products and Technologies
Everyone wants their users to be notified when something is updated. They also want to be able to deliver content to specific users. Well, this is your chapter to get that info!

Chapter 24 – Information Security Policies for SharePoint Products and Technologies
You absolutely need to read this chapter! Your security team (and your future self) 🙂 will love you for it!

Chapter 26 – Single Sign-On in SharePoint Portal Server 2003
Who wants to input their username/password in 10 different times to get to different resources? Nobody does and this chapter will help you setup SSO to help get rid of that logon prompt!

Chapter 28 – Disaster Recovery in SharePoint Products and Technologies
To be honest, this is probably the most read chapter in the book. If you haven’t had to recover your SharePoint infrastructure yet (due to problems), good. Read this chapter to make sure when you do, it will go over smoothly.

Chapter 29 – Usage Analysis Tools in SharePoint Products and Technologies
When your manager asks “do people actually use that SharePoint environment?”, you will be able to answer them after reading this chapter

Chapter 32 – Using Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 to Customize SharePoint Products and Technologies Sites
What to know how to move the search box to the left side of the page, or customize the look of your website? This is the chapter for you.

Chapter 34 – The SharePoint Portal Server Object Model
This chapter holds some real gems in dealing with administrating SharePoint. Take a look for code samples!

Chapter 40 – Microsoft Outlook 2003 Integration with SharePoint Products and Technologies
What to have your schedule and SharePoint interact? Well, read this chapter!

Chapter 41 – Integrating Exchange Server 2003 with SharePoint Products and Technologies
Learn about e-mail-enabled public folders and Exchange public folders in this chapter.

List Item Limits

I was just reminded today about the limits on how many items you can have on a list.
The limits are divided by the type of fields as dictated by the Microsoft article titled “Column Limit Exceeded” Message When You Add a New Column to a SharePoint Services List .
Part of the article:
With Windows SharePoint Services, you can create the following numbers of each column type for each list or library:
64 Single line of text and Choice (drop-down menu or radio buttons)
31 Multiple lines of text and Choice (check boxes (allow multiple sections))
32 Number and currency
32 Hyperlink
16 Date and time
16 Lookup
16 Yes/No
8 Calculated

Viewing files in the GAC

Many times I have needed to get a copy of the dll that is in the GAC for a webpart.
I have been trying the different methods to get to the dll without the possibility of moving the reference to the GAC entirely (which you can do with the xcopy command! :-/ )
Here is a method I like:
To view the physical file structure of the GAC, add a DWORD value named ‘DisableCacheViewer’ to the registry key HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Fusion and set it to a non-zero value.

Works like a charm!