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Maximize your Microsoft 365 Return on Investment
Microsoft 365

Maximize your Microsoft 365 Return on Investment

I recently had the opportunity to work with the ShareGate team to discuss how organizations can maximize their Microsoft 365 return on investment. We focused on 5 specific topic areas: governance, security, shadow IT, sprawl, and adoption.

Microsoft 365 Return on Investment (ROI)

Anytime we spend our hard-earned dollars we want to make sure that the price we're paying is fair but also that we get a return on the amount we are investing. This applies in our personal lives as well as in business. It is no secret that Microsoft 365 packs a powerful punch for productivity and collaboration for any organization. However, the cost of implementing any tool is not just the price you pay to obtain the license. There are many things to consider when you want to implement technology and get the most out of your efforts.


Governance is the framework of how things will work in your Microsoft 365 environment, guiding everyone in how they’ll use their tools.


Front and center in most IT professionals' minds but worrying about security is one thing; managing it correctly is another.

Shadow IT

Typically, shadow IT starts when IT has too much control over the tenant, not giving users wiggle room for installing tools or apps on their own.


Anyone can use Microsoft 365 and you’ll need to ensure all the checks and balances of a good governance plan (yes, governance again) are in place or you will see sprawl!


Software and platforms are constantly changing, so adoption efforts must be maintained over time.

Get The Full Picture

Make sure you read the entire article over on ShareGate's website: 5 Strategic Areas to Maximize Your Microsoft 365 ROI

Let me know what you think!


ALSO: Make sure to check out the Microsoft 365 maturity assessment tool that is free: Microsoft 365 maturity assessment tool – ShareGate

ShareGate’s Microsoft 365 maturity assessment tool
ShareGate’s Microsoft 365 maturity assessment tool


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