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  • Subscribe to an Internet Calendar in Outlook

    Subscribe to an Internet Calendar in Outlook

    Subscribe to a Calendar in Outlook To stay informed with the happenings of your community group or sport club, you can subscribe to an internet calendar in Outlook. This will allow you to keep up with the schedule, but also any changes that happen to the calendar. Simply importing calendar entries will not accomplish the task. Don't Import Your Calendar Importing a calendar via an .ics file, for example, will most certainly give you the meetings in your calendar. However, if the creator of the calendar makes changes to the meetings in the calendar, you will not receive the updates. Outlook Makes Subscribing Easy Outlook provides a easy method of…

  • Publish Outlook Calendar to the Internet

    Publish Outlook Calendar to the Internet

    Why Publish an Outlook Calendar to the Internet? Before asking how to publish an Outlook calendar to the internet, we should know why one would want to. Many civic, sports, and community groups need a way to keep their members informed of events. Groups can invite their members to meetings to accomplish that task, but that requires keeping track of every email address needed for invites. Pull, Not Push Instead of using a push method – sending invites to members – groups can enable a ‘pull' method. Publish a calendar on the internet and have members subscribe to it. This allows for the refreshing of calendar entries and those changes…