365 Message Center Show #59 – Recap

In this week’s episode of the 365 Message Center Show, we covered editing Office 365 Group email addresses, deleting your stored data in FindTime, new theme option for SharePoint, and more!

04:44 New feature: Edit the email address of an Office 365 Group – Read announcement MC146221 
— Previously we weren’t able to change the email address of an Office 365 Group. This caused several problems – one of which being that you cannot remove a custom domain that one of your Office 365 Groups was using.

7:28 Users now have the ability to delete their FindTime data – Read announcement MC146273
— In keeping with all the changes allowing you to control your data, Microsoft is providing you a way to delete all of your FindTime data and your account.

10:18 New header emphasis options are now available in SharePoint Online Read announcement MC146274
— As announced in May, you will be able to change the color of your site header – now you only get white – to go with your branding guidelines.

16:08 New feature: Save for Later in SharePoint Online – Read announcement MC146317
— Also announced in May, this feature will allow you to save SharePoint news items, just like you can do now in the mobile app.

19:14 New feature: Guided workflow for deleting users – Read announcement MC146320
— A short set to help you decommission users in your environment – there are some gaps, but this will help!

29:45 Planned Maintenance for SharePoint Online – Read announcement MC146344
— Be aware that SharePoint and OneDrive for Business could be read-only for between 30 minutes – 4 hours.

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Set the default open behavior for browser enabled documents

I was recently asked how to configure documents that are in a SharePoint document library to open in their native application on the client computer instead of the browser. This question came from a user in SharePoint Online, but the answer is the same for those using SharePoint Server 2013, 2016, and 2019.

There is a feature at the site collection level and a setting on every document library that you use to decide how documents get opened. I searched for an official Microsoft document detailing how this can be accomplished, but I could only find a post from 2014 that said it was for Office Web Apps – a product that has been replaced by Office Online Server – and SharePoint 2013.

Check out my short video below walking through the settings!

365 Message Center Show #58 – Recap

In this week’s episode of the 365 Message Center Show, we cover Live Events in Microsoft 365, changes to the Office 365 Group creation process, Microsoft Teams administration, and more!

02:45 New feature: Live events in Microsoft 365 – Read announcement MC145792 
— New wave of communications that leverages Microsoft Teams, Stream, and Yammer. The next generation of town hall meetings and broadcasts 🙂 Darrell shows a demo of setting up a new live event!

17:19 Making some changes to the Office 365 group creation process – Read announcement MC145892
— When creating Office 365 Groups you won’t be able to select if members will receive Group email in their inbox, if external people will be able to email your Group , and you can’t customize the welcome email members receive.

22:01 Updated feature: OneDrive for Business admin center setting is now honored by Outlook Desktop Read announcement MC145909
— Now your sharing settings are honored across your OneDrive and Outlook experience

23:56 Streamlining settings in the Teams and Skype for Business admin center – Read announcement MC145946
— You can’t turn off Microsoft Teams tenant-wide – you will have to manage access to Teams per user

31:00 A new TLS certificate is coming to Exchange Online – Read announcement MC146001
— Make sure your on-prem Exchange servers can access: http://ocsp.globalsign.com, http://crl.globalsign.com, http://secure.globalsign.com

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365 Message Center Show #57 – Recap

In this week’s episode of the 365 Message Center Show, we cover new audit features in Exchange, adding tagging in Advanced eDiscovery, new insights for anti-phishing, and more!

02:47 Updated feature: Audit features in Exchange – Read announcement MC145014 
— Logging will be turned on for you and if you want to turn it off, you will need to do so by running Set-OrganizationConfig -AuditDisabled $true

05:47 New Feature: Advanced eDiscovery: Search – Read announcement MC145200
— Adding tagging easily so that you can get what you need and not just a huge collection of info you don’t need

06:57 New feature: Enhanced anti-phishing capabilities for Office 365 Advanced Threat Read announcement MC145205
— New insights for anti-phishing, spoofing, and domain and user impersonation

14:24 Planned maintenance: Skype for Business – Read announcement MC145643
— Skype for Business will be down briefly during maintenance-  it will only impact users in the NOAM region.

15:27 We’re rolling out multiple feature updates for SharePoint Online self-service site creation – Read announcement MC145692
— Create a modern SharePoint site that isn’t attached to an Office 365 Group, changes when creating subsites

21:21 Updated feature: sway.com is becoming sway.office.com – Read announcement MC145697
— Sway is moving domains. We wonder: will others follow to *.office.com?

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*You will need proper privileges within your 365 tenant to view the messages linked above


365 Message Center Show #56 – Recap

In this week’s episode of the 365 Message Center Show, we cover planned maintenance for Yammer, TLS changes, changes to Shared with me, MAJOR updated to SharePoint and OneDrive forced versioning, and our experience with the OneDrive ‘Known Folder Move’.

03:30 Planned maintenance: Yammer will be temporarily offline – Read announcement MC144352 
— Azure is having scheduled maintenance and so Yammer will be down.

05:16 Reminder: We are moving to TLS 1.2 for encryption – Read announcement MC144908
— Just a reminder that you need to move to using TLS 1.2 and fix any apps that are still using TLS 1.0 or 1.1. The deadline has been extended until October 21, 2018.

7:45 Unexpected file metadata visible in OneDrive for Business ‘Shared with me’ file display Read announcement MC144929
— This update may not be in your tenant – it is alerting to an issue that has been fixed showing too much metadata to those outside your tenant.

14:38 UPDATE: OneDrive and SharePoint Team Site Versioning – Read more on the TechCommunity site
— Microsoft announced in May that they would be forcing users to turn on file versioning and set the minimum level at 100. An updated was posted on  July 18, 2018 that they are pausing the implementation of this policy due to customer feedback.

22:38 Our experience performing the OneDrive known folder move See the Twitter Thread 
— We discuss some gotchas when going through the process

*You will need proper privileges within your 365 tenant to view the messages linked above


365 Message Center Show #55 – Recap

In this week’s episode of the 365 Message Center Show, we cover conditional access for Office.com, LinkedIn data being shown inside Outlook for Windows and iOS, enhanced view of files you have shared in OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online modern page approvals, and automatically logging people out of SharePoint and OneDrive for Business sessions.

03:40 Office.com Conditional Access Policy behavior – Read announcement MC143889 
— Clarification and fixing how office.com access works when using an access policy in Office 365.

08:03 Organization Allowed Accounts Intune Policy now in OneDrive on Android – Read announcement MC144063 **Will need Intune in your tenant
— Locking down who can use OneDrive in your organization coming to Andoid (iOS later).

10:44 Adding LinkedIn data to the people card in Outlook for iOS and Windows Read announcement MC144140 
— Microsoft is bringing in some information from LinkedIn to further enhance the people cards in Outlook. Can be helpful when on your way to a meeting!

15:19 See the file card from Shared by Me and show a weekly trend for daily views and viewers on a file Read announcement MC144168 
— Coming soon we will have statistics on user views of content we have shared in the OneDrive shared by me view. Are those you are collaborating with actually….collaborating? Well here is one way to check and see!

19:54 SharePoint Online organizational news: page approval Read announcement MC144239 
— Being able to link a special Microsoft Flow approval to the pages library on a modern ‘Communications’ site so you can allow users to create pages and news!

23:09 Idle Session Signout is now available for SharePoint and OneDrive for Business Read announcement MC144247 
— Log out sessions when users are connecting to your Office 365 tenant from a machine that isn’t joined to your domain or an approved device.

24:38 Microsoft Whiteboard is now generally available for Windows – Read more on the TechCommunity site
— Announcing the general availability of the Microsoft Whiteboard app for Windows 10 – Darrell showed off using it some and talked about how it can be used.

26:25 Introducing a free version of Microsoft Teams – Read more on the TechCommunity site
— Organizations with 300 users or less can now sign-up for a free version of Microsoft Teams. This is what some are calling a Slack competitor but with more storage and capabilities.

29:39 Microsoft Stream powers live events and brings intelligent video to Microsoft 365 – Read more on the TechCommunity site
— Live event functionality will soon be powered by Microsoft Stream and delivered through Microsoft Teams and Yammer. Some great AI-powered functionality is promised, such as speaker timelines, speech-to-text, and closed captions

*You will need proper privileges within your 365 tenant to view the messages linked above


Managing SharePoint Access Requests

During a recent intranet deployment project, a client asked what would happen if she clicked the ‘Accept’ link on the SharePoint access request email she received from one of her coworkers. She was a bit surprised by my answer and after that conversation, I thought it would be good to do a quick video explaining the process.

What permissions do users get if you accept their access request? How are those users managed on the SharePoint site and is there a best practice for managing access requests? Watch the video below to find out!

Recovering Dismissed Messages in the 365 Message Center

During a recent episode of the 365 Message Center show, a live viewer (Dean) asked how to restore dismissed messages in the list. Initially I told him it couldn’t be done, but then quickly remembered it could be done. So I promised a quick video to show how to do it.

Check out my quick video below where I show how to easily get dismissed messages back in the ‘active’ view.

365 Message Center Show #54 – Recap

In this week’s episode of the 365 Message Center Show, we cover the Message Center Reader role, changes in SharePoint, OneDrive, and Exchange Web Services. Check out the time stamped links below.

02:49 Updated site usage page in SharePoint Online – Read announcement MC143535 
— Updates to what usage information we are getting from SharePoint Online. We covered this one pretty well, so check out the video.

10:00 Known Folder Move is now available for OneDrive for Business Read announcement MC143579 
— This update is great for helping your users utilize OneDrive – if not forcing them – without their need to start saving in a different place.

14:35 Multi-Factor Authentication and self-service password reset preview Read announcement MC143715 
— When users register for multi-factor authentication (MFA) and self-service password reset (SSPR) for their account, the process will be handled in one, single experience. Previously users had to enter this information twice.

19:38 Changes to Exchange Web Services for Office 365 Read announcement MC143569 
— Move your applications to OAuth 2.0 for connecting to Exchange Web Services (EWS) before October 13, 2020.

34:07 Message Center Reader role
— The new Message Center Reader role is a great step in enabling change management and training users in your organization. There are some interesting things they can also see in the Admin Center, so check out the video link for details on what they do get to see.

*You will need proper privileges within your 365 tenant to view the messages linked above


SQL Saturday Louisville 2018

Thank you everyone that attended my session! Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can help in any way.
Here are the links on DAX that I said I would provide:
DAX Basics: DanielGlenn.com/DAXBasics
Video Course: DanielGlenn.com/DAXvideos


Join me on July 21st in Louisville Kentucky for SQL Saturday!

This is a fantastic event every year and I am excited to be accepted back to speak. This year I will be speaking on how to gain insights using Power BI. We will walk through the framework of great dashboards and how you should approach management of the Power BI service within your organization. You can see the entire schedule for #SQLSatLouisville here.

Registration is FREE, so join us by registering via the #SQLSatLouisville site.