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  • Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference M365Conf SharePoint Conference #m365conf

    Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference

    Formerly known as the SharePoint Conference, the Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference is back. The conference will happen April 5th – 7th at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, with two days of workshops beforehand! Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference Discount Code You can save $$$ on your registration by using the discount code: GLENN The Discount Code is:  GLENN     The main conference dates are April 5th – 7th, 2022, with workshop dates on April 3, 4, & 8, 2022. Register using the link above right now for the best prices, a discount, and prizes! There will also be workshops before and after the event, so make sure to register…

  • Microsoft Lists Desktop App

    Installing and Using the Microsoft Lists Desktop App

    Microsoft Lists is a relatively new app within Microsoft 365 that allows for easy access to all your lists. These lists exist in your SharePoint sites, as well as within your own OneDrive for Business. Now we also have a Microsoft Lists desktop app that allows usage of lists offline and provides quick access. Here are my thoughts and instructions for you to install the app. I also created a video showing how to install and use the app that's embedded at the end of this post!

  • another account from your organization is already signed in on this computer

    Microsoft Office Account Error Fix

    I recently ran into an issue when trying to open documents in Microsoft Office apps in Windows. My Office apps are licensed via a Microsoft 365 license and the documents I wanted to open were stored in OneDrive for Business. However, when I tried to open the document in the desktop app, I received an error: Sorry, another account from your organization is already signed in on this computer. I was able to fix the issue, but it did take a few minutes of troubleshooting to figure it out. Read below how to easily get this error removed. I also created a video showing the solution that's embedded at the…

  • Viva Learning preview moving to general availability - 365 Message Center Show #213

    Viva Learning preview moving to general availability

    If your organization has been using the preview of Viva Learning, it will be automatically converted to the full free version. Access Microsoft Learn and Microsoft 365 Trainings for free and 125 limited LinkedIn Learning courses.

  • OneDrive Context Menu Fix

    How to Add OneDrive to the Windows Context Menu

    Normally when the OneDrive sync client installed, you can control file behaviors via the Windows context menu. However, on the PC I logged into, those OneDrive menu items were not there when I selected a file. It was as if OneDrive wasn't installed at all. But OneDrive was installed! Check out this post, including a one-minute video showing the solution, to find out how it is fixed!

  • SharePoint, Teams, Outlook, M365... All the things - Our 200th episode - 365 Message Center Show #200

    SharePoint, Teams, Outlook, M365… All the things – Our 200th episode

    Daniel and Darrell celebrate 200 episodes of the 365MCS by sharing a few video messages from followers and supporters of the show and then...     ...getting on with the mission, making you aware of this week's messages. Hey, that's what they do and there's always something changing in #Microsoft365.   

  • Dropbox, Google, and Egnyte migration options

    Migrate Dropbox, Google, and more to Microsoft 365

    Microsoft has announced that the Migration Manager, within the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, will be getting new functionality. Mover.io was acquired in 2019 and is available for those with Microsoft 365 licenses. However, some of that functionality has not been integrated with the reporting and management capabilities within Microsoft 365 itself. Until now! Soon you will be able to migrate Dropbox, Google, and Egnyte content directly from within Microsoft 365. New! Migrate Dropbox, Google, and Egnyte within Microsoft 365 Announced on the 23rd of April, 2021, Microsoft will be bringing migrations of Egnyte, Google content, and Dropbox into the Migration Manager experience. The new experience for those services will be…

  • Enable your team with Microsoft Lists

    Enable your team with Microsoft Lists

    Microsoft Lists is one of the newer services in Microsoft 365. Lists enables interaction with list data in a more meaningful way and makes the content more accessible. I am so happy to be presenting a new session entitled Enable your team with Microsoft Lists. My co-presenter will be Shafina Hassam! Enable your team with Microsoft Lists Shafina and I will be presenting our new session to the Northern Virginia 365 and Azure User Group, located just outside of Washington D.C. However, this time around we will be presenting the session virtually. So anyone in the world can join! Come learn with us as we explore Microsoft Lists and how…

  • “SharePoint drives me crazy!” – The Intrazone podcast

    “SharePoint drives me crazy!”

    I have been working with Microsoft SharePoint for a long time and have encountered many moments where I thought “SharePoint drives me crazy!” I know I'm not the only one and recently I had the opportunity to join the Microsoft Intrazone podcast to share my story. Two other guests joined the podcast with me: Joanne Klein, SharePoint and Microsoft 365 consultant – Microsoft MVP – and founder of NexNovus Consulting Ruven Gotz, Director, Workplace Experience Lead at Avanade. All three of us have experienced frustration with the product or with situations where SharePoint was a key component. We also have had great success with SharePoint and enabled our clients to…