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  • New Feature: Announcements in Viva Connections

    Announcements in Viva Connections

    The new Announcements in Viva Connections feature enables you to create & share time-sensitive messages with your employees. Check out my post and the short video that demonstrates exactly how to use the feature!

  • CollabFront, A new way to work together in the cloud. Microsoft 365 Consulting & Training

    CollabFront: A New Way to Work Together in the Cloud

    CollabFront, a Microsoft 365 Consulting and Training company I started, provides a range of services to help businesses grow and thrive. When you work with me, you get access to my extensive experience with SharePoint & OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Viva Suite, Power Platform, content migrations, and more! You also get access to a community of expert partners that work with CollabFront. These partners have experience in Security & Compliance, Dynamics 365, Exchange, and Azure platforms & services. CollabFront is well-equipped to help businesses navigate the ever-changing landscape of technology and stay ahead of the curve. Contact me directly if you want a technology partner that will help you and…

  • Mitigating Risks in Cloud Adoption

    Mitigating Risks in SaaS Adoption – Webinar

    On a recent webinar, I shared my thoughts on how organizations can go about mitigating risks in cloud adoption. During the webinar we focused on three areas where we believe organizations should spend time. These focus areas will be key in the pursuit of mitigating those risks when using SaaS platforms. Read more for the details and a FREE link to the webinar recording!

  • The POWER of Microsoft Lists and Power BI - Guy in a Cube

    The POWER of Microsoft Lists and Power BI – Guy in a Cube

    My second visit with Adam at Guy in a Cube highlights the benefits of using data from a Microsoft List in Power BI. Many organizations have data in their SharePoint and Microsoft Lists. I show how you can visualize that data using Power BI - in more than one way!

  • Microsoft 365 Conference

    Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference

    Formerly known as the SharePoint Conference, the Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference #M365Conf is back. The conference will happen May 2nd - 4th 2023 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Developing Inclusive Communications Through Microsoft Teams

    Developing Inclusive Communications Through Microsoft Teams

    With hundreds of millions of users utilizing Microsoft Teams, it is so important that organizations know how to foster a collaborative and open culture through Microsoft 365. It was on this premise that I recently joined fellow Microsoft MVP Alistar Pugin on a free webinar to explain optimization options for success. Check out the free recording!

  • Microsoft Teams Paging on Video Gallery - 365 Message Center Show #261

    Microsoft Teams Paging on Video Gallery

    The Teams meeting video gallery shows active speakers. Now you will be able to page the gallery to see more people with their camera on. Check to see if Serena is still in the meeting. Check if your camera-on audience is still engaged.

  • New home experience for Viva Connections desktop - 365 Message Center Show #259

    New home experience for Viva Connections desktop

    If your organization is using Viva Connections in Teams a new home experience will be arriving soon. The new landing page will show dashboard cards, news and communities feed, resources menu and frequent sites. If your org subscribes to other Viva apps, you can navigate to them from this new home experience. The question is, what happens to your existing home site? Find out on this episode.