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  • Creating a Budget for Microsoft Syntex - text on top of a padlock with a background of a graph

    Creating a Budget for Microsoft Syntex

    Microsoft Syntex is a powerful tool that can help you automate your content-based processes. You will need to create a budget for Syntex because of it's pay-as-you-go licensing. This post (with short video) shows you how!

  • Microsoft Azure Spending

    Save Money by Easily Analyzing Azure Spending

    I have a subscription in Microsoft Azure that I use for hosting virtual machines, SQL data, and a few Azure functions. A few months ago, I went over my normal amount of spend for the period and I didn't know why. I am very consistent with my usage and have the same bill pretty much every month. Finding Help In my investigation to find what caused the spike in Azure costs, I was introduced to the new product from ShareGate called Overcast. You may know ShareGate from doing migrations of data into SharePoint and Office 365. However ShareGate has introduced new products recently, and Overcast promises to simplify cost management…