Unboxing of the Kangaroo PC

When InFocus announced they were building a PC that was small enough to fix in your pocket, had HDMI, USB 3.0, expand-ability via microSD, and would cost less than $100, I knew I had to buy one.

There has been a tremendous amount [PCWorld] of press coverage [Engadget] for the release [VentureBeat] of the Kangaroo PC, so I won’t do a review of the concept here. This first post is to cover the unboxing of the product and give you an idea of what you get for $99 (NewEgg).

First the box itself – the front and sides are very plain.

Kangaroo PC box Kangaroo PC box side

The back of the box includes the specs for the PC (at the top) and the model and serial numbers (at the bottom).

Kangaroo PC Specifications

Once you open the box, the first thing I noticed is the Product Information guide is all in English and was easily understandable. It is not a full User Guide, but you can find that on the manufacturer’s website.

Product Information Product Information

Next the device itself – the Kangaroo PC does indeed come with the dock. I noticed several people on the Newegg page asking if the dock was included – the product page is now updated with a bullet stating the dock is included.

Kangaroo PC

The only other accessory included is the power supply cable.

Kangaroo PC Hardware

As promised, the Kangaroo PC delivers with the following ports (including those on the dock):
MicroSD (storage expansion)
Micro USB (for power)
USB 3.0
USB 2.0
Fingerprint reader

20151030_205927639_iOS 20151030_205941043_iOS

I will be hooking up a keyboard and mouse to the PC and starting it soon. My first observations, other than the understandable Product Information guide, is that the PC is heavier and larger than I thought it would be. I had no real information to base my opinion that it would be lightweight and small, but with the descriptions of “pocket-sized”, I was expecting something that could actually fit in a normal person’s pocket.

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Twin Cities SharePoint Saturday 2015

I was really excited to be selected to speak at this year’s SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities in Minneapolis. It is known as one of the best SharePoint Saturday (SPS) events and I now was going to see the event first-hand!

I had a little fun with the promotion of my session at the event, given that #SPSTC was only a few days after #BackToTheFutureDay (October 21st, 2015).

CRdUAziWcAAggrL.png large

The speaker dinner was excellent; great location, food, and a relaxed atmosphere. I had the opportunity to catch up with organizers and other speakers, some of which I hadn’t seen since the Microsoft Ignite conference in May. The organizing committee was awesome and we all had a great time enjoying the fun items in our speaker bags.


Saturday morning arrived and with over 500 people in attendance, I knew the day was going to be fun! CSFtuU-U8AEo1mP.jpg largeCSFosT4XAAANuc9.jpg large

I had a room full of people eager to hear about Tuning SQL Server for SharePoint. The group had a lot of questions and was very interactive…and fun? Smile


As is the norm at SPS events, there were some fabulous speakers delivering world-class content. After the giveaways, some of the organizers and speakers went to dinner to wrap-up a fun day. Thank you to all the organizers, volunteers, sponsors, and other speakers – I am sure to return for the announced Spring 2016 edition of #SPSTC!


Download the deck from my Tuning SQL Server for SharePoint session.

Cincinnati SharePoint Saturday 2015

I was honored to speak at this year’s installment of SharePoint Saturday (SPS) Cincinnati – is was a spooktacular event!

CQ-R0YVW8AABcnb.jpg large

Every year the organizers of #SPSCincy do a Halloween theme and this year, all the speakers were given football jerseys to help them with their costume. Others, well, they brought there own: CQ9iFdoUwAAxR5s.jpg largeCQ9op0KWgAAmv9f.jpg large

When I arrived at the event, the theme was in full swing – decorations and people dressed as their favorite gorilla, princess, or Star Wars character.

I attended several great sessions during the day – if you aren’t attending SPS events, you are really missing out on high-quality, free content! As I prepared for my session, I grabbed a quick pick with those initially in the room: CQ-0y-XUYAAJIY4.jpg large

The organizers and volunteers did an excellent job – SPSCincy was a huge success!

Download my deck for my Out of the Box SharePoint Solutions session