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  • Survey Teams meeting effectiveness with Viva Insights - 365 Message Center Show #254

    Survey Teams meeting effectiveness with Viva Insights

    Start a plan with your team to improve your meetings and survey the occasional meeting to determine their effectiveness. There's more to this new capability than you would think. Hear Daniel and Darrell deep dive into this update and more this week.

  • Video messages in Teams Chat - 365 Message Center Show #253

    Video messages in Microsoft Teams Chat

    Soon you will be able to leave video messages for teammates in Teams Chat. Record a video up to a minute long to send more than a voicemail. It's a vidmail. We also cover updates for Microsoft Lists, Power Apps, Microsoft Whiteboard, and several other Microsoft Teams updates!

  • Introducing Adoption Score - 365 Message Center Show #252

    Introducing Adoption Score

    Productivity Score has become Adoption Score in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. Measuring adoption of M365 services, this name change is more fitting for the Admin Center feature. Does it offer anything new and more than a name change? Watch the episode to find out.

  • Basic Authentication Deprecation in Exchange Online - 365 Message Center Show #251

    Basic Authentication Deprecation in Exchange Online

    Oct 1 is fast approaching. Microsoft's Greg Taylor joins us to emphasize the importance of making changes to prepare for deprecation of Basic Auth in Exchange Online. We also cover how Microsoft is going to automatic delete Microsoft Dataverse for Teams environments, new and updated web parts in SharePoint, and more!

  • Pre-assign Channel members to Breakout Rooms - 365 Message Center Show #250

    Pre-assign Channel members to Breakout Rooms

    Plan ahead and assign meeting attendees to breakout rooms to support interactive Teams meetings in channels. Now you can put the combination of people together that you want in your breakouts, to optimize for meeting activities.

  • Customizable Teams Admin Center Dashboard - 365 Message Center Show #249

    Customizable Teams Admin Center Dashboard

    Change your admin dashboard in the Teams Admin Center to provide support for customization of the widgets in the dashboard.  This week on the 365 Message Center Show In this week's show: – Customizable dashboard in Teams admin center – MC406234 – Forms: Distribute your forms by using Teams as a new channel – MC406259 – Microsoft Ignite – how will you attend?   Join Daniel Glenn and Darrell as a Service Webster as they cover the latest messages in the Microsoft 365 Message Center. Check out Daniel and Darrell's own YouTube channels at: Daniel – https://www.youtube.com/DanielGlenn Darrell – https://www.youtube.com/modernworkmentor   Select a podcast app below to open our…

  • Pop out shared Teams content in separate window - 365 Message Center Show #247

    Pop out shared Teams content in separate window

    Arrange your meeting content and people to suit the way you work. Pop shared content out to its own window. Move it to a second monitor and move the video gallery below your webcam. Great for viewing large, shared desktops and detailed content.

  • Move a Microsoft List

    Move a Microsoft List from My Lists to a Team

    I was recently asked how to move a Microsoft List from "My Lists", which is a personal list stored in OneDrive, to a SharePoint site. There are a few options to do this, and I will cover just a few here and demonstrate one of the easy methods.

  • The Stream Web App - 365 Message Center Show #246

    The Stream Web App – with special guest Marc Mroz

    Microsoft Stream is getting ready to become a web app and we have a special guest: Marc Mroz, Principal Program Manager Lead for Microsoft Stream! The preview will soon switch to GA and present us with a list of all the Stream videos we have access to across Microsoft 365. There's even a message this week showing us a first cut of the Stream Videos page that can be created for SharePoint sites.