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  • Important Updates to 365 Message Center 365MCS July 8

    Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Yammer, and To Do – Changes in Microsoft 365: July 8 Edition

    There have been changes to Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Yammer and To Do functionality in Microsoft 365 that was previously announced. Keep up with change in Microsoft 365 by reading more below! Changes to Microsoft Teams New Teams meeting setting – require meeting participants to use the lobby (MC214522) This update was previously announced to be completed in the month of June. However to reduce the amount of change in Microsoft 365, Microsoft has chosen to delay the it until the start of July for all tenants and the Microsoft Government – GCC tenants at the end of July. This update is all about making everyone, including those in your organization,…

  • Important Updates to 365 Message Center 365MCS July 3

    SharePoint, Yammer, and Microsoft Teams – Changes in Microsoft 365: July 3 Edition

    Microsoft has made many changes to important functionality in Microsoft 365 that was previously announced. Keep up with change in Microsoft 365 by reading more! SharePoint Schedule pages and news posts in SharePoint (MC212265) As discussed on the 365 Message Center Show, scheduling pages and news post in SharePoint is a great feature for content management. However on June 29th, Microsoft is rolling back this update and removing it from all tenants. This update caused issues for customers where the posts were not actually being published when scheduled. There is no timeline update for when Microsoft might release this again in the future. SharePoint Auto Digest Email (MC215356) In addition…

  • Layout Options for OneNote to Match Browser App

    Layout Options for OneNote

    What are the Layout Options for OneNote? Microsoft OneNote is my note-taking application across all my many devices. I use it on my desktop PC, my tablet, and on my mobile phone. It really is my digital notebook and keeps me organized, connected to others. OneNote organizes data inside notebooks, then sections, and finally pages within those sections. The application shows those elements on the canvas layout differently within the different applications. OneNote apps include OneNote 2016, the OneNote web app, and the “OneNote for Windows 10” store app. So, what are the Layout options for OneNote? Can you make the apps have the same layout? Yes and No The…

  • SQL Saturday Chattanooga #SQLSatChatt

    SQL Saturday Chattanooga 2020

    The next great Tennessee tech event is happing June 27th – SQL Saturday Chattanooga! The event is online and registration is free, so it is a win-win. SQL Saturday Chattanooga – Power BI Sharing My session will focus on secure sharing within Microsoft's Power BI. The day will be filled with learning and networking and the sessions span many categories: Advanced Analysis Techniques Analytics and Visualization Application & Database Development BI Information Delivery BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment Professional Development Make sure you register soon before the event fills up!

  • Daniel Glenn at Valo Fest

    Valo Fest – 24 Hours of Learning

    Valo Fest June 25 & 26 The makers of Valo Intranet have organized a FREE online conference named Valo Fest! The conference will run 24 hours, with sessions for attendees in the Americas, Europe & Africa, and Asia-Pacific areas. As the event site states, the event: “caters to business decision makers, business architects, change innovators and internal communicators, Teams fans, SharePoint geeks, Microsoft 365 enthusiasts, and anyone else ready to reshape the digital working culture at work, home, or schools.” I am speaking and my session will be at 12 PM Central / 1 PM Eastern U.S. time on June 25th. I will be presenting on keeping with the changes…

  • Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon

    Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon

    Join me at the Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon May 27 & 28 I am happy to announce that I will be speaking at the new worldwide online conference Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon. As the event site states, the event “is a free online, 36 hour event happening May 27-28 2020. We will have sessions going the whole time with speakers from around the globe. This event is free for all wanting to attend. Come join us as we talk about the many different pieces of Microsoft 365 including Azure.” My session is scheduled for 4:00pm Central US time (UTC – 5) and will be focused on how you can utilize…

  • Subscribe to an Internet Calendar in Outlook

    Subscribe to an Internet Calendar in Outlook

    Subscribe to a Calendar in Outlook To stay informed with the happenings of your community group or sport club, you can subscribe to an internet calendar in Outlook. This will allow you to keep up with the schedule, but also any changes that happen to the calendar. Simply importing calendar entries will not accomplish the task. Don't Import Your Calendar Importing a calendar via an .ics file, for example, will most certainly give you the meetings in your calendar. However, if the creator of the calendar makes changes to the meetings in the calendar, you will not receive the updates. Outlook Makes Subscribing Easy Outlook provides a easy method of…

  • Publish Outlook Calendar to the Internet

    Publish Outlook Calendar to the Internet

    Why Publish an Outlook Calendar to the Internet? Before asking how to publish an Outlook calendar to the internet, we should know why one would want to. Many civic, sports, and community groups need a way to keep their members informed of events. Groups can invite their members to meetings to accomplish that task, but that requires keeping track of every email address needed for invites. Pull, Not Push Instead of using a push method – sending invites to members – groups can enable a ‘pull' method. Publish a calendar on the internet and have members subscribe to it. This allows for the refreshing of calendar entries and those changes…

  • Multilingual News and Pages in SharePoint with Sébastien Levert

    Multilingual Publishing in SharePoint

    Multilingual News and Pages in SharePoint In episode 135 of the 365 Message Center Show, I interviewed an expert to discuss multilingual news and pages in SharePoint. If you haven't taken a listen, please go listen to the interview with Sébastien Levert – featured at the end of the episode. I have added an episode player at the bottom of this post for your convenience. Who Needs Multilingual? You need to identify which sites actually need multilingual capabilities. Sébastien suggested that collaboration sites don't necessarily need this capability and you should focus on your Internet communication sites. It doesn't mean you can't have multilingual capabilities on your collaboration sites, but…

  • Skype for Business Outlook Add-in

    Show the Skype for Business add-in in Outlook after switching to Microsoft Teams

    Recently I needed to schedule a meeting with a large group for a client. The client representative asked me to schedule it as a Skype for Business meeting because most of the attendees had not been targeted for Microsoft Teams yet and they didn't want the technology to get in the way during the meeting time. Therefore, I needed to schedule the meeting using the Skype for Business Outlook Add-in. New Skype Meeting Button Is Missing However when I opened Outlook to schedule the Skype meeting, I found that it was a little more difficult than I expected. Watch the video to find out how I was able to overcome…